FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How Can a Trademark Protect Your Growing Business?

Based on a true story, you will learn the importance of trademarking your brand can protect your brand and your business.

Trademark Factory® founder and CEO Andrei Mincov tells a story about how a fake trademark infringement case led to an entrepreneur's devastating rebranding.

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Let me tell you a story. A while ago, I met a girl, Anne, at a small-business meetup in Vancouver. So we’re having drinks, and she asks me, “So what do you do?” I give her the usual 15-second pitch about my trademarking company, and she goes, “No way! My yoga studio just went through a very painful rebranding because a competitor had stolen and trademarked my brand.”

Naturally, I wanted to know more, and here’s what she told me: A single mom, she spent over 6 years building her studio from the ground up. She worked 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week to make a name for herself. She built a great-looking website and ran her own social media campaigns. And finally, after all that hard work, she started getting noticed. Clients started signing up, her classes were all fully booked. The local press started writing about her. She started getting awards.

And then one day, she got a letter with some fancy law firm letterhead. It announced that Anne’s competitor owned her brand and demanded that she immediately stop using the name—or else. She consulted her lawyer and it turned out she might actually win her case. Apparently, her competitor filed their trademark years after she incorporated her company. Plus, Anne had multiple social media accounts and domain names under her brand—all of that could serve as evidence of her prior use of the name...

...but taking this to court would cost her at least $40,000. She just didn’t have that kind of money yet—so she made the painful decision to rebrand. New domain name. New logo. New videos. New marketing materials. New signage. New everything. She had to notify her clients who have known her for years, and explain that it was still her studio—just under a new name. Still, many were confused, and she lost a lot of students. 

Not only was the rebranding painful and exhausting, but it also cost her around $10k—on top of losing her clients. Still less than $40k, but still enough to put a dent in her bank account. Can you guess the first thing she did after she rebranded?  She immediately filed an application to trademark her new brand—and now she truly owns it.

Anne’s story is a lesson that even a hardworking person with a successful business can lose everything overnight. And the worst part is, if only she had trademarked her brand first—none of it would have happened! I wish I could say that her situation is unique. But unfortunately, here at Trademark Factory®, we hear stories like this all the time. People like Anne make this same mistake time and time again, and we want your story to be different.

Here’s the thing: by the time your business becomes big and successful, someone will have trademarked your brand. Might as well be you! There’s no reason in the world to spend a minute of your life or a dollar out of your pocket building a brand you don’t own. And the only way to own your brand is to trademark it before somebody else does.

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