FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How To Type and Insert Trademark TM, Registered (R) and Copyright (C) Symbols For All Platforms

There are various methods for accessing special marks like™, ®, and©. Different platforms employ different strategies. 


Windows Desktop

Using the numeric keypad, press and hold the Alt key while entering the following numbers corresponding to your chosen symbol.

™ press 0153 and release the alt key

® press 0174 and release the alt key

© press 0169 and release the alt key

Windows Laptop

Press the Windows key to bring up the start menu for laptops and other Windows computers without numeric keypads. Begin typing the Character Map and click on it to open it when it appears. Click on Advanced to review Extra Options, and where it says a Guru By, change all to Unicode sub-range.

This action opens another dialog box that defaults to Latin. Change it to letter-like symbols, and you will see the™ there. 

Double-click it and put Added to This Field where it says Characters to Copy. When it gets there, press Select and Copy, and you can paste it into your document. 

Pick the general punctuation in the group by dialogue to get the circle or symbol. Double-click and select and copy. You can do the same in General Punctuation for the©.

For Mac

Similar to Windows, press and hold the option key, type in the following character for your chosen symbol, and release both keys.

™ press the number two and release both keys

® press the R key, then release both keys

© press the G key and release both keys

IOS Devices

For iOS devices like your iPhone or iPad, select General in settings, go to The Keyboard and check for the Emoji Keyboard. You will need to add a new keyboard if it's not there. 

Locate the emoji keyboard and install it. It is then available in your browser, notes, or wherever you need to type the symbols.

When you click the Emoji Button, you'll see many different emojis. Click the button for Symbols to see the large selection, and swipe all the way to the left to find these three symbols all in the same place. 

Now you can click on the individual symbol you wish to use.

Android Devices

Open the app you want to type in. Then, Using the numbers keyboard, click on the Equal Sign. You will find it on the new screen. Click the symbol you wish to use, insert it into the document, and there you are.

The Trademark Factory® Solution

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed with their trademarks and TMF.ROCKS/TYPE. TMF is a resource page on our website where you can copy all these symbols. They are also available in HTML.

You can use this on any device, desktop, laptop, and phone. And we make it simple because all you need to do is cut and paste the appropriate symbols.

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