FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How To Type and Insert Trademark TM, Registered (R) and Copyright (C) Symbols On Android

Has it ever felt like a treasure hunt whenever you're using your Android phone and can't find all the trademarking symbols you need to use?

Check out this short video and learn all about it!


And here's how you type the trademark and copyright symbols on an Android. You'll find the app where you want to type, and then you go to the numbers keyboard, and then the number screen, you click on the equals sign right here. And on this new screen, you will find the trademark and copyright symbol. So when you click TM, it will type TM. If you click the R in a circle and it will type R in a circle, and if you type the copyright symbol, it will type the copyright symbol. Very, very, very easy.

I hope you found this video useful, and if you did, make sure you share it with your friend. And by the way, if you're using a different platform, maybe Windows, or maybe an iPhone or an Android device, we have videos for that as well.

And better yet, we created a free tool that you can use to access these characters regardless of the platform you're using. It works under Windows, under Mac, under iOS, works with Android, works with any device out there, and it's a free tool that you can access at TMF.ROCKS/TYPE. TMF stands for Trademark Factory. So TMF.ROCKS/TYPE - just go there and use it anytime you need to type these characters and I'll see you in the next video.


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