FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What Happens If You Don't Respond to Correspondence from Trademarks Office in Time?

After getting a letter from the Trademarks Office stating that you have to respond to them, you forgot about it and missed the deadline. 

What happens if you miss that deadline?

Find out the answer to that on the short video below:



Let's say you've got the letter from the Trademarks Office and they tell you to do something or they tell you why they don't think your trademark is registrable or anything.

So what happens if you would miss that deadline?

In most cases that will lead your trademark to be deemed abandoned. So you have to be very, very careful not to miss those deadlines. Most of them are hard deadlines and cannot be extended.

You can extend the time for your responses on many occasions but you have to apply for that extension before the original deadline runs out.

It is very difficult to revive the time for you to respond after the deadline is expired. In most cases, it's impossible. So you have to be very, very careful about not missing those deadlines.

Did I say you have to be very careful?

Well, I will say it again!

You do have to be very careful not to miss those deadlines.

And really that's why it's of benefit to have somebody who will take care of your application. Because we are trained to make sure that none of those deadlines ever get missed and it's a lot easier for us to take care of it than it is for you.

Because you have a business to run and not missing deadlines is our business.

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