Bi-Weekly Newsletter

September 14, 2021

10th Anniversary

I remember August 31 of 2011 as if it was yesterday.


Scared—but hopeful…


With hardly any money left—but with big dreams…


I submitted the paperwork to start my company.


Back then, it was called—not very creatively—Mincov Law Corporation.


The company made CAD $9,674 in 2011. Yes, less than $10k in our first year.


In 2012, I got my trademark agent license and filed the first trademark application for a flat fee that covered the entire process from start to finish.


In 2013, I came up with the idea of Trademark Factory® with its three unique features: free comprehensive trademark search, all-inclusive flat fee, and a 100% money-back guarantee.


Got the domain name in February, filed for our own trademark in March, and launched our website in May. Made our first hire in December.


This was also our first 6-figure year—barely: had we made $521 less in revenue, we’d still be in the 5-figure territory!


In 2015, I gave up my Canadian lawyer license and renamed the company to Trademark Factory International Inc.


Believe it or not, the lawyer license, with all the stupid regulation that came with it, stood in the way of helping entrepreneurs from around the world trademark their brands with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.


We’ve been slowly but surely growing ever since…


… until we finally had our breakthrough in 2021.


After years of "Next year we'll definitely get to a million in revenue", we’ve finally celebrated hitting the 7-figure mark just a few days before celebrating our 10th anniversary on August 31 this year.


Our team is now 25 amazing people strong—and we’re just warming up for what’s to come in our second decade.



Frankly, this whole thing feels a bit surreal.


Exactly as they say: an overnight success 10 years in the making…


Whether you’re an existing client, a future client, a vendor, a colleague, a friend, or just a brief acquaintance, the fact that you are reading this email means one thing:


You have been a part of our journey.


And for that, I want to thank you.


These 10 years would not have been the same without you.



P.S. What? No crazy offers this time around?


Not really. It’s just a thank-you-let’s-celebrate-together email.


But if you’re looking for help getting your brand protected, we’d love to give you your free call with one of our strategy advisors who will walk you through the options, answer all your questions, and help you get started if there’s a good fit.