Bi-Weekly Newsletter

December 06, 2017

Best $10 I've Ever Spent

This month, I made an amazing discovery.

My discovery is called UserBob — and it was easily the best $10 I've ever spent.

It's basically a website that allows you to have strangers review your website at $1 per minute per user.

What I did is I set up a test asking 10 people to quickly look at our homepage at and record 1-minute videos of their first impressions.

For $10, I got 10 people who had no idea about Trademark Factory to leave their feedback—and it was one of those facepalm moments they make memes about.

Long story short, by going through the first 10 videos, I realized something horrendous. 

I keep telling everyone how amazingly unique and uniquely amazing Trademark Factory® is.

I talk about our risk-free trademarking services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget all the time!

I say that during our webinars. I say that during my seminars. I say that in my FAQ videos. I say that on social media. I say that during one-on-one conversations and at networking events...

Turns out, I used to say that everywhere—except on our homepage.

Why I managed to overlook that is beyond the point.

What is important is that I assumed it was there when it actually wasn't.

And I had no clue about until I watched those 10 UserBob videos.

If you have a website, I highly recommend running it through UserBob. I guarantee you will discover something really interesting.

To get you started, use my affiliate link that will give you a $5 credit, so you can get 5 strangers to bash your website for free.

You may not enjoy the process, but you'll definitely find it useful.

P.S. By now, I've spent over $100 on various tests, and it is my great pleasure to announce that we've just launched a redesigned Trademark Factory page. It's probably not the final version, but it is a huge step forward for us. Let me know what you think.

P.P.S. And don't forget to share your UserBob war stories!