Bi-Weekly Newsletter

January 21, 2017

To Ski or Not to Ski?

Took me two years to deliver on my promise.

Ever since I first took Masha and Patricia skiing for their first time, I kept promising to do it again soon. 

For two long, embarrassing years, I've been coming up with excuses. And trust me, as an ex-lawyer, I can come up with some pretty legitimately sounding ones.

But we all knew it was complete and utter BS. 

It's not really that it's too expensive. It's not really that I didn't have time. It's not really that they didn't deserve it because they hadn't been studying hard enough. It's not really because I didn't want to do it.

Why then?

Read my comments about my new daily routine. I simply just didn't care about doing it because I didn't see my role outside of building the business.

Last Friday, my daily "What makes me a better father" read, "Research and Announce."

Remember, I told you that I fill these out in riddles? It was one of them... The girls were going nuts trying to decipher it. 

Until I broke the news: we were going skiing on Sunday.

How little does it take to make them happy!

The moment we got in the car, the rain started pouring. It got better once we got to the mountain, but it started raining about an hour later.

But guess what?

We still had so much fun.

And hot chocolate at McDonald's is much more delicious when you're happy, tired, and wet compared to when you're simply happy and tired.

We're already planning our next trip.