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December 20, 2017

Your Continuity Program Is A Success Only If This Happens...

Subscriptions and continuity programs are as popular as ever today.

Everyone seems to want to receive recurring income on an ongoing basis.

Some programs are more successful than others.

This month, I realized that there is one surefire indicator that can tell you immediately if your continuity program is a success.

But before I tell you what it is, let me first tell you how I discovered it.

We were having some issues with our PayPal account, and one of our recurring payments did not go through—and as a result the subscription was suspended.

3 minutes after I received the email notification from PayPal about the suspended subscription, I found myself calling the intended recipient of the payment to find an alternative way for me to keep my subscription alive.

This is a very different dynamic from when you have to chase your subscribers.

So here's how you measure success of your continuity program.

Ask yourself a simple question, "Do we demonstrate enough value to your subscribers for them to be scared to death if we discontinue your services?"

To answer that question with a proud YES! should be the goal of every business that is considering running a continuity program.