Before we tell you what we do differently at Trademark Factory®, let's go through what your alternative options would be if you didn't use us.

This way, you will immediately see exactly how different and more beneficial what we do is from what everybody else offers.

So, before we go into what makes Trademark Factory® your best choice, here are the two options you'd have if we weren't around:


The problem with these websites is that they're very misleading.

They lure you in with a small price, usually a few hundred dollars, for what you believe is the cost of getting the completed trademark.

But really it's just their fee to file your trademark application.

Filing is just one step of the process—and literally anybody can do it for you.

In addition to their filing fee, you're also going to be on the hook for the government fees. These fees typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending in which country you want to file your trademark and how many classes of goods and services your trademark would cover.

So you fill out a form on their website, pay these government filing fees plus their service fees, and they file your application—and right there it's done wrong from the start.


Because they did not perform a comprehensive search to see if your brand name, logo, or tagline were even available in the first place—before they sent the non-refundable fees out with your application.

And that's not even the worst part.

The worst part is that 67–81% of all filed trademark applications get sent back with what's called an "office action" that you must respond to if you want your trademark registration to continue.

These online filing services do not set you up with an attorney of record, so you would need to hire an attorney and pay them at an hourly rate of around $500/hr.

And here's the real catch.

Nobody knows how many hours it's going to take, so they can't even tell you a guaranteed total price. And since billable hours is how they make their money, they make sure it takes long enough for them to make a good profit from you.

And the worst part is that if the Trademarks Office denies the application at the end of this process, you don't get any of your money back. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

No refunds.


There are only two half-benefits of going with traditional attorneys.

First, they can competently perform the comprehensive search. However, you would need to pay separately to get them to do it—even if the results show that your brand is not trademarkable.

Second, you won't need to look for an attorney to respond to office actions, since they will be doing it for you.

However, you would still be on the clock to pay their hourly fees.

You don't know how long it will take before they're done with it and you get no refunds if your trademark doesn't go through.

So essentially, you're in the same boat as option #1—only it costs more.


What Trademark Factory® does differently is we remove all of these gambles and risks by charging one flat fee that covers everything from start to finish.

For this one flat fee, we include unlimited hours of attorney work to run the searches, respond to any and all office actions, and do all other legal back-and-forth with the Trademarks Office.

The only thing extra are the government fees that are the same—regardless with whom you file your trademark.

Here's how this works:

The moment you make your payment, our legal team will perform the comprehensive search to check if your brand is trademarkable.

You'll receive an email with the results around 2 to 3 business days.

You don't pay the government fees until we've confirmed that your brand is trademarkable and we're ready to file your trademark application, since we don't gamble with your money or waste your time on trademarks that can't go through.

If we told you your brand is trademarkable and the Trademarks Office rejects it, you get a 100% refund of the fee we charged you.

It's really simple: if we can't deliver on our promise, we don't deserve your money.

If our comprehensive trademark search reveals that your brand is problematic, in most cases you're going to want to rebrand, since there's no point in building a brand that you now know someone else can sue you for using.

So we will give you unlimited free additional searches until you come up with another brand that you love that we tell you is trademarkable.

Or if you decide not to trademark a different brand, you can simply get a full refund. This way, at least you will know, for free, the potential problems your brand may face—before you spend another minute or another dollar building it.

Here's how we compare with every other option in the market:



As you can see on the chart above, we have 3 packages you can choose from depending on the level of protection you are looking for and how much risk you would like to shift over to us.

Most of our clients go with our All-Inclusive package because they feel it provides the optimal balance of price and protection.

We understand that everyone's situation is different.

You may have multiple brand elements that you want to trademark (your brand name, your logo, your tagline).

You may want to trademark your brand in different countries.

You may want to have a better understanding of how office actions and oppositions work to make a more informed decision about which of our packages best suits you.

If that's you, we suggest you book your free call with one of our strategy advisors—and they'll help you get started.

If, on the other hand, you are certain that:

you only want to trademark one brand element (name, logo, or tagline)

you only want to trademark it in the U.S., Canada, or both

you want to go with our All-Inclusive package

you don't want to speak for free with one of our strategy advisors

then simply go to our self-checkout page and take it from there.

If that's you, click the button below and get started:

Either way, know that with Trademark Factory®, you are getting trademarking services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed price that makes sure you don't waste your time and money on trademarks that can't go through.

Kevin O'Leary SHARK TANK

The brand is often the most valuable asset of the business, so as a responsible investor, I want to make sure the company I'm planning to invest in has trademarked its brand. If you value your brand, your time, and your money, check out Trademark Factory®. They're the real deal!


You work really hard bringing to the world your business, your marketing, and your brand. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us as CEOs to protect all the work that we do. I’ve personally worked with Trademark Factory® and they’ve done an excellent job in protecting some of our intellectual capital.

Jared Falk DRUMEO

Biggest thing for us when it comes to trademarks, we don’t understand how to do it. I’m a drummer, I don’t have any expertise in trademarking. You’ve got it figured out. Not a lot was required on my part. You made it really simple, cost-effective and awesome for us.


Trademark Factory® is the best place to get a trademark because you’re actually guaranteed that if you pay for it, you’re going to get a trademark. Other companies get you to pay to TRY to get your trademark, and if they fail, then you just lose all your money. Nobody out there is going to offer anything close to what Andrei is offering.

Isabelle Mercier BUILD TO ROCK

Online brands are easy to steal. I have big plans for BUILD TO ROCK®, so we decided to protect it. Usually, when you work with lawyers, you never know what the bill is going to be in the end. You do with Trademark Factory®. If you’re looking to trademark your brand, I don’t see why you would go anywhere else than Trademark Factory®.


I've worked with many law firms and lawyers... Trademark Factory®’s set fee and a money-back guarantee gave me the confidence and made me a lot more comfortable doing business with them. I recommend all entrepreneurs to trademark their brands through Trademark Factory®.

P.S. If you're one of the people who just scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the summary of what the whole thing is about, you are welcome to use our self-checkout page if you only want to trademark a single brand element (your brand name, logo, or tagline) in the U.S., Canada, or both, using our All-Inclusive package—without taking advantage of a free call you can have with one of our strategy advisors to discuss your specific needs.