Why Trademark Factory® OUR CORE VALUES

Trademark Factory® was born to give brand owners something they couldn't get anywhere else.

As we were building it, we realized that only a very special team could deliver this vision to entrepreneurs around the world…

…a team of people who share certain values you won't find in typical law firms or professional service organizations.

We've distilled these qualities into 5 core values.

Here they are!

Here’s why
Trademark Factory® is
the best trademarking
service for you

We only work with those
who value our mission to help entrepreneurs build
amazing brands

Driven by our mission to help entrepreneurs build amazing brands, Trademark Factory® is the only company in the world that offers trademarking services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.

However, we don’t work with everybody...

We are not the right fit for those who are prepared to gamble with their brands only to save a few hundred dollars.

We are not the right fit for the know-it-alls who don’t appreciate our expertise and simply want us to do the mechanical work of filing their trademarks.

And we most certainly are not the right fit for arrogant brand owners, vendors, or even team members. We won't tolerate ANYBODY who would mistreat our people who go out of their way to help companies and entrepreneurs take ownership of the brands they’ve worked so hard to build.

No amount of money is worth dealing with those who thrive on drama or don't value our service.

We do whatever it takes
to deliver an exceptional
client experience

Just because the trademarking process is often complicated and frustrating does not mean the client experience needs to be.

The whole point of Trademark Factory® is to be a one-stop shop that eliminates the headaches and hassles of dealing with lawyers and their billable hours while ensuring the legal work gets properly done by licensed attorneys and registered trademark agents.

We do whatever it takes to take the intimidation out of the trademarking process—whether it means communicating in an easy-to-understand language without overloading our clients with useless information, making ourselves available for a quick chat, or building online tools to increase transparency and enhance the overall experience.

We strive to make each of our clients feel as if they are our only client, because they know they are being listened to, cared for, and understood.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to blow away our clients’ wildest expectations as we’re helping them grow and protect their brands.

We take our work seriously—not
ourselves. Do not expect a politically correct safe space here.

We’re a global company with all sorts of people from all over the world working for us.

Not because we feel the need to conform to some idiotic notion of diversity and inclusivity…

...but because we only hire like-minded professionals who get the job done and whose sense of humor keeps us laughing at the same time.

At Trademark Factory®, being offended is not a virtue, but we won’t tolerate personal attacks against our team—whether they come from clients, vendors, or other team members.

That said…

We’re not woke, we make jokes, get used to it.

We hold ourselves accountable - we don't blame or push undue responsibility onto others. If we say we're going to do something, it's going to happen.

We don’t break promises. Ever.

Our success and our clients’ success depend on flawless operation of the entire team.

Whether it’s deadlines, searches, trademark applications, or any other aspect—if s%!t happens (and it occasionally does), EVERYONE from the bottom up is responsible for finding a way to rectify the situation.

We don't panic, blame others, or get annoyed.

We are in the business of finding solutions, not excuses.

This is the whole idea behind our 100% money-back guarantee.

We take our promises THAT seriously.

We take initiative to provide more value and grow our skill sets to better serve the company and our clients

We’re all about growth.

That’s why when we hire or promote team members, we don’t care about seniority, resumes, diplomas, or certifications. What matters is whether they can consistently bring value to the table.

As a team, we operate using 5 levels of initiative:

Level 0: I just did X, just like you told me to do.

Level 1: What if we could somehow do X?

Level 2: I think this product / service / person / company could help us do X.

Level 3: I could help us do X.

Level 4: I just did X. I think it’s gonna help us and our clients.

We encourage everyone on the team to operate at Level 3 and Level 4—even if it means taking risks and making mistakes.

And when we identify a problem or an inefficiency, rather than looking at it as an annoyance to be ignored, we consider it an opportunity to get better.

These are the core values by which the Trademark Factory® family lives.

We do not have patience for those who do not share them.

And that creates the perfect environment for those who do.

Are you in?

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