Trademark News & Screw-ups Harvard Wins $14K in Trademark Dispute with Turkish Schools | News | The Harvard Crimson

I'm known for saying that there are 3 Y's of trademarking your brand. They are: credibilitY, legacY, and moneY. So why did Harvard unleash their lawyers to go against the Turkish impostor? Certainly, it wasn't about the money. Harvard spent more on their lawyers than they got an award for. It's not that people who paid to study at the Turkish Harvard were otherwise going to invest their money with the real Harvard. Money was the least of Harvard's concerns. The real concerns were credibility and legacy. Harvard must ensure that those who invest in Harvard education get a Harvard education. If they couldn't ensure that, it'd make it very difficult for them to sell their own services because nobody would really know whether they were buying genuine Harvard education or not. Socialist indoctrination aside, Harvard supposedly cares about its legacy as one of the finest educational institutions in the world, which is why it needs to ensure that its brand is not used by others. Once again, the lesson here is that you don't only need to trademark your brand for profit. There are other reasons you want to it, not the least of which is a preservation of your legacy.

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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