The hunted becomes the hunter: How Cloudflare’s fight with a ‘patent troll’ could alter the game

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
This is my pet peeve. Using a right recognized by the government to obtain a competitive advantage is NOT trolling. There is NOTHING wrong with enforcing trademarks, patents, or copyrights. Those who call people and companies involved in such enforcement lawsuits "trolls" simply hate the idea of intellectual property. The REAL problem are idiot patents that should have never been issued in the first place. It's truly unfathomable that in 2017, when data stored by Google, Facebook, and the NSA about virtually everything is measured in exabytes (millions of terabytes), when AI is all the rage, patent examination is still done pretty much using the manuals from 19th century. With so much subjectivity that goes into patent searches and examination, no wonder, we end up with some ridiculous patents. But the solution is not to attack those who were successful in obtaining those patents when they try to actually get some value out of their efforts. The solution is in radically changing the examination process and—even more importantly—simplifying cancellation of wrongfully issued IP.
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