Trademark News & Screw-ups Conor McGregor limbers up for European trademark fight over ‘The Notorious’

The moment you realize the brands you were planning to cash in with are not trademarkable... With $100M, McGregor would possibly find a way around the parties who oppose his application, but this only shows you that as soon as the applicant is seen to have deep pockets, a LOT of people suddenly are on the lookout to make some money off of you and your brand. In Europe, the Trademarks Office does not check whether the trademark you apply for is confusingly similar with preexisting marks of others. It's the responsibility of the owners of those preexisting marks to oppose newer applications. And the vast majority of applications go unopposed because those owners are not constantly monitoring newly filed trademark applications. I can almost guarantee that if McGregor had filed his trademark applications before the megafight was announced—or better yet, before he became well-known in the MMA world—his trademark applications would have gone through without any opposition. Now, on the other hand, after so much money was spent on making sure that every living soul in the world knew who McGregor was and what brands he used, no wonder every owner of preexisting marks was waiting for the moment to say, "Hello, not so fast, this is actually our trademark. Have a good day..."

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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