Trademark News & Screw-ups Dan Skuta opposes Jaguars' attempt to trademark 'Sacksonville'

Guess what happens when someone who comes up with a brand and starts making active use of it in commerce faces someone who has the capability to actually monetize the brand? A settlement! Dan Skuta may be the one who came up with Sacksonville but he has generated barely over $3,000 since. He may have evidence of the use of the brand in commerce but he hadn't bothered to trademark this brand first. Which is why Jaguars were successful in getting USPTO to approve their trademark application, so Dan Skuta's only recourse now is to oppose Jaguars' application. If Jaguars want to use it, they'll have to get his consent to register Sacksonville as their trademark. And something tells me, they will. Had Skuta filed his own trademark application first, he would not have needed to oppose Jaguars' application, because USPTO would have done all the dirty work for him. A trademark examiner would have spotted Skuta's earlier application and issued an office action rejecting Jaguars' application. USPTO does not care about unregistered trademarks at the examination stage, and because Skuta never filed a trademark application, they approved Jaguars' trademark for publication, which Skuta is now opposing. I suggest we wait for an official announcement that the parties reached a settlement.

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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