Trademark News & Screw-ups Ivanka Trump Had More China Trademarks Approved on Same Day President Lifted Sanctions on Chinese Company

There are two possibilities that this insinuation is all about. Let me put them in form of a dialog. The first dialog would be between Ivanka and Donald Trump: —Daddy, China wouldn't approve my trademark, do something about it! —What can I do about it, sweetie pie? It's China! —Can't you do something? You're POTUS! —Do you want me to send a tweet to Xi? —No, why don't you lift sanctions against ZTE? —Against what? —It's a Chinese telecommunications company that some of your advisers and Republicans say you should not lift sanctions against... —And what happens if I lift these sanctions? —ZTE will be saved from financial collapse and I will get my trademarks approved in China! —That's a small price to pay for my little girl's happiness. Here's an even dumber idea of a dialog that could be insinuated between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping: —Mr. Trump, you should really lift those sanctions against ZTE... —It's that Chinese telecommunications company that some of my advisers and Republicans say I should not lift sanctions against, right? —Yes. —This would go against the interests of the American people. I'm not going to do that. —Here's the thing... Your daughter's trademarks are currently pending approval with the Chinese trademarks office. Things aren't looking too good there, you know... —Oh really? —Yes, but nothing we couldn't handle, if you know what I mean. —ZTE, you said? —Consider it done. Which one do you think is closer to the truth?

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