Trademark News & Screw-ups Launched July 8, 2017: New USPTO Rules to Clear “Deadwood” in the Federal Trademark Registry

The underlying idea behind trademark registrations in the U.S. and Canada is that trademarks that their owners are no longer interested in (often referred to as "deadwood") should no longer prevent others from using such brands. The problem with that is finding the balance between giving trademark owners enough of a stretch to own their trademarks without having to prove that they're still using them, while also giving the rest of the public an opportunity to "kill" a dead trademark. USPTO has just released new rules to shift the balance slightly to the side of making it easier to kill unwanted trademarks. For brand owners it only means one thing: make sure you don't miss any deadlines and make sure you properly document the use of your trademark for all products and services listed in your trademark application.

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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