Trademark News & Screw-ups LDNR vs LNDR: Nike's Nothing Beats a Londoner loses trademark battle with LNDR

The lesson here is that Nike can afford to disregard preexisting trademark rights and toss their whole campaign down the drain. Something like that would cripple a small business. Just imagine switching the roles. A small apparel brand spends their last penny on a video that they hope will create a viral movement— only to discover they picked a brand owned by Nike. And Nike took them to court and won. This story shows that until you have very deep pockets, you have to be very careful in selecting a brand you can use and own. It also shows that once you picked the brand, you should immediately take steps to secure it. That's really the only way you can beat a multi-billion dollar behemoth if they choose to "borrow" your brand.

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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