Louis Vuitton Sued by "Pooey Puitton" Maker

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
No, MGA Entertainment is not suing LV for trademark infringement. What they're doing is seeking a declaratory judgment that Pooey Puitton does NOT infringe on Louis Vuitton's trademarks. If MGA's request is granted, it would prevent Louis Vuitton from suing MGA for trademark infringement in the future. This is a proactive step taken against someone who is threatening you with litigation or is claiming that you are infringing. It seeks legal clarity and takes you out of the "what if they sue" game into "ok, let's hear it" game. It would be a smart move for MGA, assuming they win. Even if they lose, by knowing early what the court's position would be could save MGA a pretty penny.
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