Ohio company attempting to trademark 'YINZER'

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
I thought this would be the usual socialist outrage around the idea of "you can't own it, it belongs to the community!" And it kind of is, but there is this interesting twist around a prior license agreement. Regardless of what you think about whether the company is doing anything wrong by applying for the trademark or being prepared to give it away, the lesson here is about the old owner of the trademark. Every quarter, he was getting a royalty check from the Ohio company that wanted to use the name. But after he neglected to renew his trademark registration, the trademark was canceled, and suddenly there was no longer any need to pay royalties. I mean, if the old owner was feeling so generous, he could have just assigned the trademark registration to the Ohio company. He didn't do that. By letting his trademark registration lapse, he not only lost a source of revenue, but he also created a headache for his former licensee.
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