Parkland Survivor Emma González Files Trademark for 'We Call BS' Tagline | Complex

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
Whether you love or hate guns, trademarks are designed to have a very specific purpose: to identify the source of particular products and services. They are not designed to give you a monopoly over 3 words that happened to come out of your mouth—unless and until the public can associate these words with a particular brand. "Just Do It" is a great example. The tagline is trademarked not because of its deep philosophical meaning or the inspirational message that it sends. It is trademarked because it is immediately aligned in our minds with Nike. Can "We Call BS" be similarly aligned with an individual that brings to the market education on and promotion of gun safety, clothing, mugs, and other merch? Maybe. But it's going to be tough for her to provide acceptable specimens of use for each of the applied-for classes, even if USPTO allows the trademark. We will find out how this goes in 2019.
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