Trademark News & Screw-ups Patents and Copyright Lawyers: What to Do if Someone Steals Your Idea

Two things will inevitably happen if you manage to grow your business to the point when it actually matters. First, a lot of people will come into contact with your brand. They'd have to. You can't call your business a success if no one has heard about it. A successful business simply can't be the world's best-kept secret. A side note here is that if you have a strong brand, you would need to spend less on marketing and advertising for more people to know and remember your brand. The second thing that will inevitably happen is that as your success is witnessed by all these people, some of them will want to rip you off. Sad but true, but you can almost measure your success by the number of copycats who pop up here and there trying to copy your product or your service, and who are trying to copy your brand. Your duty as a business owner is to ensure, early on, that you have a strategy to combat the copycats. By the time you start noticing these parasites suck the blood out of your baby, it's too late. This story is a perfect illustration of why preventive steps to protect your IP is not just a money-grab by fear-mongering lawyers. It's really the only way to ensure that the success that you've worked so hard to achieve is not stolen or tarnished by some unscrupulous jerks.

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