Trademark News & Screw-ups Rihanna sued over F.U. Logo F.U., RiRi ... You Jacked Our Logo!!!

This is an interesting one. Freedom United does not own the trademark for letters "F.U." They own a design mark for big letters "F.U." on top of the words "FREEDOM UNITED" in a smaller font. They could not trademark "F.U." by itself because this mark would likely be considered derogatory and unregistrable in the U.S. This may change soon but it's beyond the scope of this comment. So if they don't and can't own "F.U.," does "FU FENTY UNIVERSITY" infringe "FU FREEDOM UNITED?" Puma's and Rihanna's argument will be that the only common element, is the "F.U.," which is unprotectable by itself. Freedom United's argument will be that they own a combined mark that does not only cover the words but also a distinctive design with big letters FU at the top with some smaller text below. At Freedom United's claim is precisely that this design (big letters FU at the top with some smaller text below) is being copied by Puma and Rihanna. This is probably one of those very rare cases when having a combined mark is more beneficial than owning a word mark. We'll see where this dispute will end up.

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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