Rihanna Suing Father Over Fenty Trademark

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
Yes, the optics of this dispute are pretty nasty. Why would you sue your own dad for trademark infringement, right? Having said that, without going into Rihanna's family relationships, what do you do if someone is destroying the value of one of your most precious assets? How do you stop unauthorized use of your brand? So what if your brand if your father's last name, right? Jokes aside, this actually shows the difference between the last name and a brand. Fenty may have been passed on from generation to generation as the last name, but it meant nothing to those outside the family. It was only after Rihanna made it into a brand followed by millions when it became an asset. And just because you happen to have that last name is not enough for you to benefit from it. Sad but true.
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