Trademark News & Screw-ups Studios Must Face Trimmed Lawsuit Over CG Characters in Blockbuster Movies

I know you would never use stolen Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop, would you? But even if you did, Microsoft wouldn't own copyright in the books you typed in Word, and Adobe wouldn't own your photographs edited in Photoshop. You would, of course, be liable for copyright infringement but that liability would not take away your authorship of the end product. But what if you hired a third party to create something for you when you know they might be unlawfully using someone else's patented technology? Would that shield you from allegations of IP infringement? Think again, because doing so may still get you in trouble for inducing the infringement, which, as this case shows, could be equally problematic.

The video below features Andrei Mincov's commentary of this article.



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