This Swedish entrepreneur wants to own 'Covfefe' trademark

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
One thing this Swedish entrepreneur may not understand is that trademarks don't give you a monopoly over the word, however creative or popular it may be. Trademarks are registered in association with specific products and services. You need to actually be selling something under the brand. In North America, your trademark won't even register until you show to the Trademarks Office that you are using the trademark. There is no "use to register" requirement in Europe, but there are provisions in the laws of virtually every country, Sweden among them, that allow the public to cancel a previously registered trademark if is it not being used by its owner in connection with some or all products and services for which it was registered. That's how Ikea lost its trademark rights in Indonesia (by failing to open a store in Indonesia before the trademark could be challenged.) As for Covfefe, the Swede filed it for clothing, coffee, and advertising. On the same day, however, 3 other people filed three other COVFEFE trademarks: in Great Britain, Norway, and Switzerland.
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