Uber tries to brake Florida salon app's trademark

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
This is a dilemma often faced by small business owners. At what point are my decisions stop being driven by legitimate interests of my business and start being driven by my ego? If I was not the one whose heart and soul went into the founding of the company and instead was a hired CEO, would I make the decisions I am making today? In fact, would I even hire myself as a CEO if wasn't one already? Uber is not going away any time soon. So the real question here is, does the brand justify the cost of litigation plus the opportunity cost? Who would benefit from her going full legal battle against Uber other than her lawyers? Didn't it make sense to actually settle and move on? Oh, and don't act so surprised that big businesses with deep pockets yield more power than solopreneurs. This is called the reality of competitions even if you are not directly competing with Uber. When we set out to be entrepreneurs, nobody promised us that the world would welcome us with open arms and provide us with safe spaces. We knew it'd be tough. We knew we'd face obstacles. It's overcoming these obstacles that make it fun. It's turning these obstacles into opportunities that make it all worth it.
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