WWE Opposes Sister Abigail Trademark

Andrei Mincov's commentary on the original article
This is a good example of the grey area when it comes to the use by others of dead trademarks of companies that are alive and well.
When a trademark is dead together with its owner, it's pretty straightforward. Others can adopt the brand and even trademark it.
But what about brands that are no longer in use by their original owners that are still out there?
On the one hand, you are not supposed to hoard trademarks you no longer use.
On the other hand, what if such use by others creates a perception that the products or services marked with that brand come from their old owner when in fact they don't?
The outcome largely depends on how well known the dead mark is and how tight is its association with the old owner.
In this case, how many people readily associate Sister Abigail with WWE when it comes to wrestling?
The nonsensical interview about love suggests that Hunanyan doesn't have a good legal argument around her trademark application, so looks like it's just an attempt to grab some attention, with no real hope of winning.
Which reminds me of, well, wrestling...
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