Trademark Factory® was founded in 2013 by Andrei Mincov, a former intellectual property lawyer with over 23 years of experience. After having worked with thousands of clients, big and small, Andrei realized that the world needed a new way to register trademarks—with a guaranteed result, for a guaranteed budget. We now file trademarks in Canada, the U.S., European Union, Australia, and several other jurisdictions.

You're probably thinking, All of this is great, but...

What Makes Trademark Factory® DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE?


  • They lure you in with low filing fees.
  • They file your trademark application without explaining all risks involved.
  • When your application is rejected 4 to 8 months down the road, they start billing you by the hour to fix it or say you need to find someone else to deal with that (for which you'll also be billed by the hour).
  • If the refusal is final, they send you one last bill and ask how else they could help you.
Trademark Factory
  • We do a proper comprehensive trademark search for you, for free.
  • We prepare a full registrability report that explains all risks involved, for free.
  • If you buy our All-Inclusive or Ultimate package, and your application is rejected, we will spend as much time as it takes to address all objections, without charging you an extra dime.
  • If you buy our All-Inclusive or Ultimate package, and the trademark we told you was registrable gets a final refusal, we apologize and refund you everything you paid us.

Why YOU Should Choose Trademark Factory®



Pay nothing to find out your brand is problematic or unregistrable.

What you get is not an automated checkup for identical matches in some database. Our team of trademark specialists with decades of experience will manually check your brand against all registered and applied-for look-alike, sound-alike, and mean-alike trademarks and prepare a full and easy-to-understand registrability opinion.



One fee from start to finish. You will never see another invoice from us.

What you pay us upfront will cover our work from filing to registration. This way, you can have a proper trademarking budget!

Our I FEEL LUCKY package covers our work from filing to registration for straight-forward applications. In addition, it covers up to 90 minutes of us responding to the first office action.

Our most popular ALL-INCLUSIVE package covers our work from filing to registration, including unlimited responses to unlimited number of office actions. The only thing it does not cover is opposition proceedings.

Our ULTIMATE package covers our work from filing to registration, including unlimited office actions and opposition proceedings.



Get all your money back if the Trademarks Office refuses to register a trademark we told you was registrable.

If the Trademarks Office issues a final refusal for the trademark we told you was registrable, we will refund you everything you paid us—to a penny. You'll get a 100% refund. No “we spent so much time working on your file” nonsense, no credit card processing deductions, no “my-dog-ate-my-homework” excuses. It's a straight-out 100% money-back guarantee.

Reasons to Trademark

Most countries in the world don't recognize unregistered trademarks, but even those that do will require you to prove that (1) your brand is a trademark, (2) that you own it, and (3) that it is known to a significant number of people in the geographical area where you claim protection.

  • Minimize risk of rebranding

    With a registered trademark, you minimize the risk of receiving a demand letter claiming that your brand infringes on someone else trademark.

  • Minimize risk of confusion

    A registered trademark makes it a lot easier (and cheaper) to stop your competitors from using your brand. Last thing you want is for someone to leave bad reviews about your business after they have bought from your competitor who used your brand.

  • Maximize value

    A trademark is a valuable business asset. It adds value to your business if you decide to sell, license, or franchise it.

  • Presumption of Ownership

    A trademark registration certificate is all you need to prove that your brand is a trademark and that you own it.

  • Protection is Federal

    A registered trademark covers you across the country of registration.

  • Protection before use

    The only way to protect a brand before launch is to apply for a trademark.

  • Your brand can be found

    A registered (or even applied for) trademark will show up in the Trademarks Office database and will be cited against any future applications for a confusingly similar mark.

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Our Packages

Are you looking for trademarking fees that actually make sense?

Instead of charging you separately for each step your trademark application will go through, we focus on the result, not the number of billable hours.

Each of our three packages covers everything from start to finish in a problem-free scenario:

  • a comprehensive trademark search to confirm your brand is registrable
  • drafting and filing your trademark application
  • sending you status updates as your trademark application moves through the process
  • submitting evidence of use
  • obtaining your trademark registration certificate and mailing it to you in a custom frame.

You may pick the package that best fits your your budget and how much risk you are comfortable with:


  • Unlimited responses to office actions
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Covers opposition proceedings
  • Lifetime weekly confusion watch service
$5995+govt. fees
(see pricing details)


  • Unlimited responses to office actions
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Does not cover opposition proceedings
  • No weekly confusion watch service
$2995+govt. fees
(see pricing details)

I feel lucky

  • Response to 1st office action (up to 90 min.)
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Does not cover opposition proceedings
  • No weekly confusion watch service
$1995+govt. fees
(see pricing details)