100% Money-Back Guarantee

It's a fact.

Not all trademark applications will be approved by the Trademarks Office.

It could happen when you or those who file your trademark are overly optimistic about your trademark's chances of being registered.

It could happen when you or those who file your trademark do a poor job drafting your application.

If could happen when you or your trademark attorneys do a poor job responding to office actions issued by the trademark examiner.

It could happen if the trademark examiner at the Trademarks Office stubbornly refuses to accept a valid argument.

There are a million reasons your trademark application may receive a final refusal.

How would you feel if you paid someone to help you trademark your brand, and instead of results you received a bunch of excuses?

Our clients pay us for results.

That's why if we do our comprehensive trademark search, tell you that your trademark is registrable, and the Trademarks Office issues a final refusal for such application, you get a full refund.

We simply don't deserve to keep your money if we can't deliver on our promise.

Even if we strongly believe that the Trademarks Office made a mistake.

This may sound like common sense, but it's not common practice.

In fact, Trademark Factory® is the only trademarking firm in the world that offers a no-B.S., no-excuses, performance-based money-back guarantee.

Not a useless satisfaction guarantee that stops after your trademark application is filed.

Not a let-us-file-another-trademark-for-you-for-free guarantee.

What we offer is a straight-out 100% money-back guarantee if a trademark we told you was registrable doesn't get approved by the Trademarks Office.

Full terms of our guarantee are laid out in the agreement that you will review before purchasing our services.

If you would like to protect your brand and want to know more about our refund policy, schedule a quick call with our specialists. It's free.