OUR PROMISE TO YOUHire Us And Pay Nothing If We Don’t Get The Results You Need

It’s a fact.

Not all trademark applications will be approved by the Trademarks Office. There are a million reasons your trademark application may receive a final refusal.

Our clients pay us for results.

Your trademark approved by the Trademarks Office or your money back. To the penny.

Here’s how our TWO-LAYER 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee works:

Full Refund BEFORE Filing

If we do the search and spot any concerns with the trademarkability of your brand, you can get a full refund right away, no questions asked. We don’t keep any service charges. You get it all back. Period.

Alternatively, we’ll keep doing additional trademark searches at no cost to you until you come up with a brand you can own.

Either way, there is absolutely no risk to get started. Worst-case scenario, you’re just going to get a free opinion as to why your brand is not trademarkable.

Full Refund AFTER Filing

If following our comprehensive search we find your trademark is registrable and we file it, but it does not get approved by the Trademarks Office, you get a full refund.

Regardless of how many office actions we responded to…

No matter how many hours our legal team spent on your file…

You get back everything you paid us.

Again, there’s literally no risk to you.



You work really hard bringing to the world your business, your marketing, and your brand. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us as CEOs to protect all the work that we do. I’ve personally worked with Trademark Factory® and they’ve done an excellent job in protecting some of our intellectual capital.

Jared Falk DRUMEO

Biggest thing for us when it comes to trademarks, we don’t understand how to do it. I’m a drummer, I don’t have any expertise in trademarking. You’ve got it figured out. Not a lot was required on my part. You made it really simple, cost-effective and awesome for us.

Isabelle Mercier BUILD TO ROCK

Online brands are easy to steal. I have big plans for BUILD TO ROCK®, so we decided to protect it. Usually, when you work with lawyers, you never know what the bill is going to be in the end. You do with Trademark Factory®. If you’re looking to trademark your brand, I don’t see why you would go anywhere else than Trademark Factory®.


Trademark Factory® is the best place to get a trademark because you’re actually guaranteed that if you pay for it, you’re going to get a trademark. Other companies get you to pay to TRY to get your trademark, and if they fail, then you just lose all your money. Nobody out there is going to offer anything close to what Andrei is offering.