About Trademark Factory® Helping Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs Build Amazing Brands

Trademark Factory's purpose is to help growth-minded entrepreneurs build amazing brands.

We do our part by offering what no other firm in our industry does—trademarking services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget.

Surely, there's no point building a brand unless you own the brand you're building.

And the only way to own your brand is to trademark it before someone else does.

We hate seeing business owners lose their brands.

But what really breaks our hearts are the stories of entrepreneurs who hired someone to register their trademarks… but still lost their brands because their law firm or trademarking service failed to deliver.

Our mission is to give business owners the best chance possible to secure ownership of their brands—for a reasonable, guaranteed budget.

And while we're proud to have an unparalleled rate of success, 99.3%+, that's not what gets us excited about trademarking…

After all, how exciting can legal paper-pushing be?

What gets us energized is the opportunity to see our small role in helping you build an amazing brand.

We celebrate our clients' victories and are genuinely happy when we come across their ads or see their products on the shelves.

Here's where the "growth-minded" part comes in.

When you trademark your brand, you're betting on your future—because you believe you're building an asset whose value will grow over time.

And sharing this journey with you is our biggest reward!


Trademark Factory®, originally known as Mincov Law Corporation, was founded on August 31, 2011 by intellectual property lawyer Andrei Mincov.

Andrei's career as a copyright lawyer began in 1996 when his father, famous Russian composer Mark Minkov, heard his music on the radio advertising an event by Samsung – without his permission. Still a law school student, Andrei sued the radio station for copyright infringement and several years later, won a precedent-setting victory in Russia's second-highest court.

His next career step was to work as an attorney for the world's largest international law firm, where he helped big-name clients like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Sony, Porsche, and J.K. Rowling protect their intellectual property.

Appalled by Russia's regression to authoritarianism, Andrei moved to Canada in 2007 and went through 3 more years of law school.

Upon graduating and receiving his Canadian lawyer and trademark agent licenses, Andrei came across Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book, started Mincov Law Corporation as a traditional IP law firm—and a new entrepreneurial era in his life began.

Andrei quickly realized that it took more than being a great IP lawyer to run a successful IP law firm… So after going through dozens of books, seminars, and workshops on marketing, Andrei was determined to come up with a unique service—something that no other firm offered.

He surveyed hundreds of business owners and law firms—and saw an opportunity to differentiate his firm by offering trademarking services for a single flat fee that would cover all steps from start to finish, with a 100% money-back guarantee.

All it needed was a new name—and so, in May of 2013, Trademark Factory® was born.

The idea took off, and in 2015, Andrei voluntarily gave up his law license to focus on building Trademark Factory® into the firm that would forever change the way the world does trademarks.

Building the plane as we flew it, we have grown an amazing team and filed over 1500 trademarks for over 800 clients from around the world—with a 99.3%+ rate of success!

We are still the only firm in the world that does what we do—and this is just the beginning!

Our Team

Andrei Mincov - Former IP Lawyer

Andrei Mincov

Founder & CEO

Whether helping his father enforce his copyright or helping you secure your trademarks, Andrei's passion is driven by the fundamental belief that those who create something that hasn't existed before deserve to not have it stolen from them. Business owners deserve not to be ripped off by unscrupulous copycats, pretentious lawyers who only care about covering their asses, or fake-cheap online trademarking services that file your trademark applications for next-to-nothing then leave you out in the cold if something goes wrong.

For Andrei, Trademark Factory® is not just an exciting business opportunity. It's personal.

10 coolest things about Andrei in his own words:
  • I was 21 years old when I first got to be in a courtroom as a lawyer—virtually self-taught—representing my father, a famous Russian composer Mark Minkov, who caught a radio station stealing his music.
  • My wife moved in to live with me after we’ve known each other for an hour and a half.
  • I coded the first version of Trademark Factory website myself — and it worked!
  • I was singing on stage with my father since I was 5 years old.
  • I wrote 7 books on intellectual property, of which one is an international bestseller. I explain law so that a 9-year-old can understand.
  • I told my wife that I’d propose to her after she gets pregnant with our first kid. We now have three amazing children: Masha, Patricia, and David.
  • I used to record and mix music for my father. You could hear my recordings on CDs, in theaters, and on TV.
  • I moved to Canada to start everything from scratch after being a successful lawyer in Russia, to seek a new challenge, to be in a place that respects intellectual property, freedom, and entrepreneurship.
  • I write music and play the drums. In fact, I first visited the U.S. in 1989 because I wrote a song that was shown on national TV in Soviet Russia.
  • I was an intellectual property lawyer in 2 countries for 20 years before I voluntarily gave up my lawyer license to offer guaranteed, all-inclusive flat-fee trademarking services to clients worldwide.
Amanda Cheply - Head of Legal Team

Amanda Cheply

Head of Legal Team

Amanda joined Trademark Factory® at the end of 2017.

Having previously worked in various industries, including fitness and woodworking, a career change was imminent after exploring a career in intellectual property law and realizing this was going to be her goal.

On her way to become a registered trademark agent, and under the mentorship and guidance of Andrei, she is an integral part of handling client files.

When she isn’t focused on client needs she is probably out hiking with her dog and his buddies or reading a book while enjoying some down time.

10 coolest things about Amanda in her own words:
  • Decayed architecture and urban exploration fascinate me. There are so many questions I have.
  • Everyone has a phobia. I have a few. My #1 is Trypophobia (don't Google it! I warned you!)
  • The best foods are caviar and lobster, and I would happily live off of those. And Nutella.
  • Even though I didn’t know what to do with him at first, I wouldn’t trade my awkward, sometimes too big, mix breed dog, Leo, for anything.
  • Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Give me ‘Housewives’ any day!
  • My pet peeves are lack of consideration for others, mouth breathers, and limp handshakes.
  • I am fluently bilingual in English and French.
  • Never do I go anywhere without my jug of water. Tap water scares me.
  • Every bit the Cancer, I can be stubborn but tenacious and loyal, and I love the ocean.
  • D is brown and A is red. I have Synesthesia, with my associations occurring in a few different combinations. This helps me remember things, which can be both good and bad!
Angelique de los Reyes - Director of Operations

Angelique de los Reyes

Director of Operations

Angelique joined Trademark Factory® as a virtual assistant in May of 2017. Immediately, "Angel" demonstrated heartfelt dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience. So in just a few months, we promoted her to Administrator. In 2019, Angel's organizational expertise and impeccable attention to detail earned her another promotion. She became our Director of Operations.

Angel names our culture of celebrating each other's successes as the main reason for her daily drive and long-term commitment to the Trademark Factory® family.

10 coolest things about Angelique in her own words:
  • I love traveling and appreciate both nature and city adventures. I enjoy exploring local and foreign art, culture and cuisine.
  • I have won 2 local beauty pageant crowns.
  • I enjoy scheduling, planning, and organizing everything, including my tasks, finances, and even my DIY travels.
  • I value friendship and family and enjoy cooking pastries & dishes for them.
  • I'm a sucker for amusement and water parks!
  • I am a proud member of Singles for Christ, a community where we serve towards evangelization and working with the poor.
  • I enjoy volunteering as a tutor for public school kids during weekends.
  • I am an animal lover and support our local animal shelters.
  • I am slowly embracing a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.
  • I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur and have now invested on a small-scale transportation and real-estate business.
Mckoi Sevellejo - Paralegal

Mckoi Sevellejo


Before joining Trademark Factory® as a paralegal, Mckoi was a legal assistant with one of the Philippine government agencies. He left the office job and chose to advance his legal practice working from home to support his nocturnal lifestyle and help his wife take care of the kids.

Mckoi is excited to be the bridge between brand owners and senior members of our legal team to ensure everything gets done on time and that our clients stay informed about the status of their trademarks at all times.

10 coolest things about Mckoi in his own words:
  • I grew up in very disturbed neighborhood that made me want to become a policeman or a lawyer.
  • I joined the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity in the Phils. when I was in college. I am still an active member.
  • My other half also joined the fraternity two years after me (not knowing she'll become my partner in life). I was part of the initiation team, so I got to I kick her ass once... Now that we're married, she's kicking mine!
  • I'm not rich but I am a philanthropist. I have done various community services and projects for the poor and children for 18 years now.
  • Facebook was created 2004, I got my first account in 2011. That didn't stop me from building the largest group membership for ΑΦΩ Phils.
  • I have two wonderful kids, Ekai and Ekoi. Both of them were named after their mother's childhood alias "Eker".
  • Not knowing how to code did not stop me from creating a website for APO just for fun.
  • I love watching movies to entertain my stress.
  • I love dogs but I don't own one.
  • I aspire to be a lawyer one day when I'll have the chance (financially) to go back schooling and I dream of having my own food stalls inside the malls.
Marko Nikolic - Searcher

Marko Nikolic


Marko joined Trademark Factory® team as a searcher in early 2017. He graduated with his LLB from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. He completed his Masters degree in Civil law with his thesis, “A Child’s Best Interest and The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction”. During the studies he was engaged in numerous part-time jobs, while also being involved with growing fruit and beekeeping. He also organized exhibitions for the preservation of traditions and ecology and participated in the international debate camps as a contester.

Marko has worked in a legal department of a wheat trading company and as intern in a lawyer’s office, while he worked for over 30 different employers from all over the world as a freelancer, which gave him a status of a top-rated Upwork community freelancer. In 2016, he was hired by the legal department of Serbian Ministry of Defense until he chose to leave the uniform behind and started working as a legal secretary for an elementary school.

10 coolest things about Marko in his own words:
  • I am an author of the science paper, "The need for the introduction of ecological Ombudsman—example of Balkan Mountains", publicly defended at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2012.
  • I am spending every free moment of my time fishing, mountaineering and studying mushrooms.
  • I am an author of one short novel and couple of short stories.
  • I never gave up bees and cherry plantations, and I am constantly investing.
  • After 11 years out of my home town, I am considering settling in with my family back there, being that it's the EU eastern border area.
  • I ran my first vertical kilometer last year
  • Motto that I value the most is, "Time has no price."
  • I am a bit possessed with history, history books and mythology.
  • I'm hoping my future will allow me to combine outdoor life close to nature and to develop my law career—all at the same time.
  • I've edited 20 collections of legal articles, all published in Gulf countries.
Vitaly Polukhin - Director of Infrastructure

Vitaly Polukhin

Director of Infrastructure

Vitaly Polukhin decided to become a programmer in the late 1990s, straight after secondary school. A physics and mathematics major, by that time Vitaly was already proficient in electrical engineering and had some experience writing computer code on old Soviet computers. He got his first job as a programmer while still attending high school. He has since worked for the government, telecom companies, and outsourcing companies. He has also worked as the head of Gazprom's IT department.

Vitaly joined Trademark Factory® as a full-time web developer in 2014 and became our Director of Infrastructure in 2019.

10 coolest things about Vitaly in his own words:
  • I wrote my first program when I was 8.
  • I assembled my first electrical circuit when I was 11.
  • While still a secondary school student, I won a physico-mathematical competition organized by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (a Russian version of MIT).
  • I had an unforgettable 7-day trip to Kazakhstan when I traversed across the entire country by train with innumerable stops and change-overs.
  • I made a 3-day trip Thailand for only $50 (including air and hotel)—and fell in love with the country.
  • I go to the Altai Mountains several times a year. This is a very beautiful place.
  • I still play Quake III and first Starcraft.
  • I go to the gym. I'm proud of my personal record in bench press, 6x100kg.
  • I helped create Harvard's River City Project, a unique multi-user virtual educational environment.
  • I am learning Python and machine learning and can't wait to implement this knowledge in Trademark Factory® projects soon.
Bronson Picket - Strategy Advisor

Bronson Picket

Senior Strategy Advisor

Bronson Picket joined Trademark Factory® as a Strategy Advisor in 2018.

Bronson has previously worked in entertainment, real estate, software development, and telecommunications. While his other professions have taken him all over the world, and he very much enjoys traveling, his favorite place to be is home with his family.

In joining Trademark Factory, Bronson not only loves the sense of family the company brings to the entire team, but to the clients whose dreams he is excited to help grow.

Book a free call with Bronson

10 coolest things about Bronson in his own words:
  • I was asked to run for the U.S. Congress by the leader of the Rules Committee (I turned it down).
  • I was a high fashion model in New York City and Milan, which jobs included runway shows for Armani and Ferre.
  • I was lead singer of hard rock band, Pull in New York City, playing in venues which included The Continental Divide, The Mercury Lounge, and CBGBs.
  • I originally planned on being a physics major until I discovered the joys of singing in a rock n’ roll band, which led to my becoming a theater major instead, despite having zero desire to become an actor.
  • I became an actor:—and this is the link to my IMdB page.
  • I am married to author and journalist, Lynn Snowden Picket.
  • I was on the Oprah Winfrey Show with my wife
  • I politely declined to come back to the Oprah Winfrey Show, despite repeated offers to return.
  • I co-wrote several patents for databases and software.
  • I have two amazing children and a pit bull.
Nick Serrecchia - Client Success Representative

Nick Serrecchia

Client Success Representative

Nick joined Trademark Factory® early in 2021 as a Client Success Representative.

After earning his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, he transitioned through various corporate roles before realizing he wanted to make more of an impact in smaller businesses. He went on to gain experience in several small startups before joining the Trademark Factory® family to help other small businesses take complete ownership over their goals and brand identities.

Now, he helps business owners identify the best ways to go about protecting their brands as they seek to create or scale out their own businesses.

10 coolest things about Nick in his own words:
  • I competitively ballroom danced for 2 years
  • I lost almost 50lbs over the course of 3 months and have kept it off over the past 3 years
  • I have quite a bit of experience and exposure to both the biomedical industry and the industrial automation industry
  • For 9 months out of the year, I run at least 10 miles/week
  • I normally watch videos, tv, and movies at 4x speed if I'm watching them alone
  • I have perfect pitch
  • I used to be in the top 1% of players in both Rocket League and League of Legends
  • I'm an avid chef and bread-baker. Not so much into other baking
  • I still have quite a bit of extended family back in Italy
  • Because I took so many college-level classes in high school, I graduated from a top 10 university with my engineering degree in barely over 3 years
Criselle Sanchez - Client Success Representative

Criselle Sanchez

Client Success Representative

Cris is one of our team members who will reach out to you when you request to speak with our strategy advisors.

Her role is to determine if you are serious about protecting your brand and if we'd be a good fit to help you do it.

10 coolest things about Criselle in her own words:
  • I grew up in a very peaceful neighborhood, where we would play outside till dark. When I was a kid, I loved the outdoors. I skinned my knees many times, too.
  • My dad was a frustrated engineer so 2 of my elder brothers became engineers as well. Fortunately he didn’t mind me being me: I hated physics. :D
  • I married my first and ONLY boyfriend—and now we have 3 beautiful children.
  • I used to sing at the school choir but stopped when I realized there are already a lot of great singers in the world. Can’t stand being a mediocre singer.
  • I love reading. Used to read 2-3 novels per week.
  • I love long rides with my husband on our motorcycle. We have already traversed the entire Cebu Island and the entire Mindanao Island. We are planning to hit North next time.
  • Aside from my work with Trademark Factory®, I am a fraud supervisor with a financial company. I am handling 18 FTEs. I know, it’s a lot of people to deal with. LOL.
  • I had a brief stint in cold calling. Unfortunately the campaign was not that lucrative so they had to downsize.
  • I was also an ESL trainer. Taught English to Japanese professionals and some CEOs.
  • My motto in life is to always look at a glass of water Half-full instead of Half-empty. :)
Ezekiel Montero - Client Success Representative

Ezekiel Montero

Client Success Representative

Ezekiel is passionate about achieving his goals, and one of them is being able to help others achieve theirs. He didn't know a lot about trademarks when he joined the team but quickly learned that he would be playing a role that would greatly impact the lives of other go-getters such as himself.

Before joining the team, he worked in learning solutions as a Sales Trainer and Communications Coach for various programs.

10 coolest things about Ezekiel in his own words:
  • I started my career in IT and data analytics, up until the company I worked for said they were going to let go of the role and outsource. With no other vacant position, they asked me "why don't you try selling something over the phone?" - and that's how I got into sales. Never looked back since.
  • Covid-19 made me re-evaluate the truly important things in life. Thus, I've decided to leave the company I belonged to for years because they wouldn't accommodate flexible working arrangements. Now that I'm working from home, I can finally say I've taken many steps closer to true work-life balance as I can spend more time with my family.
  • I met the love of my life in a random encounter on an online game! She was playing with 3 of her friends and out of the hundreds of thousands playing at that time, the game chose me to be the last member of their team! What were the odds? We're now married and have 2 beautiful children - who like to play video games too!
  • Despite not having any formal training, writing is my guilty pleasure. I've either won or have at least gotten special mentions on most of the small competitions I've joined. My favorite genre to write about is fantasy.
  • My wife likes to cosplay and she eventually convinced me to join her for a few cosplay events. Seeing people appreciate you being in costume and posing for pictures was fun for the most part - until I lost a new pair of sneakers because I accidentally left them in a public bathroom while I was changing into my outfit.
  • I find pleasure, and fulfillment in learning new things and being an expert in them.
  • Despite not having watched TV for well over a decade, I had a 30% close rate selling TV subscriptions to prospects who didn't want them anymore!
  • I am the only one in my immediate family that can't swim, and as weird as it sounds, I'm proud of it! Asking my wife to pull me back ashore after drifting away on floaters is one of my simple joys.
  • My perfect day would start with coffee and end with coffee.
  • I was an introvert most of my life until I discovered that I actually LOVED talking with great people and learning about their stories. I'm excited to hear yours too!
Kristine Cabico - Indispensable Assistant

Kristine Cabico

Indispensable Assistant

Kristine had worked as a Financial Analyst for the Philippine government for 6 years before she joined Trademark Factory as a General Virtual Assistant in March of 2018. She was on maternity leave when she applied to TMF but later on decided not to go back to the office and stick with Andrei and Trademark Factory® while taking care of her kids.

With Kristine's impeccable attention to details, she handles all sorts of projects—from bookkeeping to social media management and from client follow-up to research.

10 coolest things about Kristine in her own words:
  • I am a lady Civil Engineer.
  • I graduated 2 degrees (Accountancy and Civil Engineering).
  • I'm one of the boys. I do carpentry and plumbing.
  • I run marathon twice a year and I won 2 gold medals (2012 & 2015) in the female category.
  • Zumba is my stress reliever.
  • I am one of the organizers of "Chairs for School Movement" - an org that provides arm chairs to schools in remote & mountainous areas.
  • I am an active member of Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity & Sorority. We do more than 20 community services annually.
  • I design and make our furniture and closets at home on my own.
  • I can't sleep without blanket even if it's too hot.
  • Mountain climbing is my adventure. I have climbed 8 mountains and peaks already, and counting...
Content Writer

Yvonne Liboro

Content Writer

Yvonne has always loved theater, arts, and writing but never thought it (writing) would be her career until 2 years ago. She started out editing her friends’ scripts and website content until she began writing for different websites professionally in 2018.

She joined Trademark Factory® to create awesome content for everyone to enjoy.

10 coolest things about Yvonne in her own words:
  • I was supposed to be a published author of a religious comic at age 14… but decided it wasn’t for me.
  • As a kid, I dreamt of becoming a ballerina but ended up playing rugby much later (so much for balance and grace)
  • I have an adorable black cat named Greg Mcnuggets
  • I hate avocados, change my mind (but yes to guacamole)
  • I love card and board games (Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, and Game of the Generals). No chess please.
  • I’m part Spanish so I decided to learn a bit of the language in high school. Need more practice!
  • I lost 40lbs without going on a diet. Ate a LOT of rice too. Had to change my lifestyle because the doctors told me to.
  • I recently fell in love with trail running and have climbed 3 mountains so far (survived all the leeches yay).
  • I am plant-based and I love how creative I can get with my food (and yes, I still eat burgers and lasagna)
  • I’m great at hosting events/public speaking. Started doing it when I was 9 years old.
Andres Garcia Romero - Data Guy

Andres Garcia Romero

Data Guy

Andres is our data guy. He focuses on marketing helping Trademark Factory® reach our customers in the most efficient way. Thanks to his background working for an Inc. 500 company, Andres has the ability to gather and organize data in a way that people can understand.

He enjoys the entrepreneurial spirit and the team work of Trademark Factory®.

10 coolest things about Andres in his own words:
  • I went to Culinary School after high school and worked on one of the most famous hotels for a year.
  • I love music, especially rock and blues .
  • I worked for am Inc. 500 company for years, but quit because of the bureaucracy and lack of innovation.
  • My girlfriend is a sexy Colombia señorita.
  • I’m Colombian born and raised, but strangers doubt that.
  • I play the electric guitar. I call my guitar Tabata.
  • I love to travel. My favorite place in the world is Cartagena de Indias: great weather, beaches, and food.
  • I love fútbol and basketball.
  • I really like animals. I own a dog and a cat.
  • My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.