Here’s what our clients say about TRADEMARK FACTORY®


When we started this business 3 years ago, we got a letter from another company that was saying that we infringed on their name. So we had to change our name; and because of that experience we decided to trademark our own name, STIGAN MEDIA. We really liked working with Trademark Factory® because of their fixed pricing, we knew exactly what we were going to pay upfront, didn't have any unexpected costs. The services were great, they constantly kept in touch with us. We would recommend Trademark Factory® to any of our clients.

Dave Notte, SHACK SHINE®

I used Trademark Factory®'s All-Inclusive package to trademark SHACK SHINE in Canada and the U.S., and I'm very happy with my experience. I've never seen anybody offer legal services for a flat fee with a 100% money-back guarantees, and I got a chance to put Andrei's promises to the test. After USPTO issued an office action listing several objections to our application, Andrei and his team wrote a 10-page response that worked like a charm! I know how much effort and time went into preparing the argument, but here's the beauty of the all-inclusive package: they didn't charge me an extra penny to write the response. The brand is an extremely valuable asset of my business, and thanks to Trademark Factory®, it is now fully protected!


It was very important for me to protect my brand. Trademark Factory® helped me through the process, guided me through the steps, and now I'm fully trademarked in the U.S. and Canada!


Am I glad that I went with Trademark Factory's services. The original name I was planning to go with was not available. I had so many questions—and Amanda answered them all! Very relational. They made the process seamless. I just wish every business relationship was like this!

Leon van der Poel, EXPLORE. DEFINE. EXECUTE.®

Very excited about our trademark. Andrei and Trademark Factory® have done a fantastic job. They did all the work for me, fantastic service, kept me informed. Looking forward to being able to use my trademark and build my business further around it.


I've dealt with many trademark companies, big and small, and one of the things I've realized is that it's about picking the right person, picking the right company. And with RTN we use Andrei's firm, and we're really happy because the three-point guarantee means that if you don't get your trademark you don't pay. In today's world, it's all about branding. I'm really happy we've retained Andrei and his trademark services. Really happy to recommend him. He's fast, thorough, a pleasure to work with, so I have no problem giving this shoutout supporting him.

Jared Falk, DRUMEO®

Biggest thing for us when it comes to trademarks, we don't understand how to do it. I'm a drummer, I don't have any expertise in trademarking. So when you presented your services I saw that you've got it figured out, it's cost effective and you do it very efficiently. Not a lot was required on my part, which was great. You made it really simple, cost-effective and awesome for us.

Isabelle Mercier, BUILD TO ROCK®

BUILD TO ROCK is an online brand. Online brands are easy to steal. I have big plans for this brand, so we decided to protect this brand. We chose Trademark Factory® because they're accountable. They do what they say they're going to do. I love their option of one flat fee and they just do whatever they need to actually make it work. And usually, when you work with lawyers, you never know what the bill is going to be in the end. Well you do here, with Trademark Factory®. If you're looking to trademark your brand, I don't see why you would go anywhere else than Trademark Factory®.

Adam Browne, REDAVID®

We just had our trademarks finally registered through Mincov Law Corporation. We're very happy with the service we've had working with Andrei. I highly recommend him to anybody else who wants to file trademarks for their company, and as our company grows we plan to file more with Andrei and his staff.

Lee Downer, DANGLEFIT®

Trademark Factory® stayed with me throughout the entire process, and it was wonderful knowing that they have my interest at heart. I highly recommend that you protect your brand with Andrei Mincov and Trademark Factory®! They are the best in the field.

Elizabeth Shewchuk, DAUGHTER FOR A DAY®

Finally holding my trademark after the process we started over a year and have to go. And I'm grateful I came upon Andrei Mincov and Trademark Factory®, because I think had I not used Andrei, this would have dropped somewhere along the lines. This is a very big moment for me because it signifies for me that it's all real. So thank you, Andrei, and thank you, Anita, you guys are great. And I encourage any small business to talk to them because of the fact that it makes the process simple and you won't go financially crazy doing it.


Our brand is synonymous with what we stand for—quality, excellence, and also changing student lives one graduate at a time. We engaged Trademark Factory® and Andrei Mincov to get all our paperwork done. I'm really, really happy to say that their services have been exemplary. We have enjoyed working with Andrei and his team, and it is my pleasure to endorse them as a trademark and branding protection company.

Angelie Boholst, TAX ANGEL®

Thank you so much for helping me register my "TAX ANGEL" trademark. Branding myself as the Tax Angel gives me extra energy and passion to keep doing what I'm doing. I'm deeply grateful for your amazing ability to explain intellectual property in a non-lawyer language. You are awesome in what you do and other business owners need you as their lawyer!

Joanne Trotta, Leaders Edge®

Unfortunately, my brand wasn't available to trademark. My second alternative wasn't an option. And without hesitation, Trademark Factory® stood up to their guarantee around their promise that if they can't help you secure your brand, they'll give you your money back. I was really impressed with that.

Lucy Barber, DYNAWORX®

Our brand is so important to us. We decided that we wanted to trademark both our logo and our tagline. We started it ourselves, but it was returned to us two or three times, so we finally went to an IP law firm that quoted us a price to do that, and it was returned from them three times, and by the time we had finished, we had spent 5 years of our life and well over $6,000 just to get a simple trademark done. Now I've met Andrei Mincov who I wish I had known that long ago. Andrei, for a set fee, will provide all of these services, no hidden costs, and no surprises!


I read Andrei's great book that explains why I need a trademark and how important it is to have that as intellectual property. I chose Trademark Factory® because I've worked with other trademark lawyers in the past, and all I noticed is that I get nothing but hourly fees, there are no guarantees, there's no clarity about how much the whole thing is going to cost. What I loved about Trademark Factory® is that it has a fixed price, they do it regardless of how much effort it takes. With a money-back guarantee! It's pretty hard to beat that! Andrei is a small business owner himself, so he really cares and he's an absolute pro at what he does.


I've used Trademark Factory for 3 or 4 trademarks over the years. They are the first people I email whenever we've got a new product or a new business that we're launching. Their communication is great. They're definitely worth it.

Krystian Laszkiewicz, TEAM HEART POWER®

I want my brand to live longer than I do. I want to protect it. I want it secure—and now it's official. And there's no other place that I would do something like this than Trademark Factory®. They'll meet you at any level that you're at and they'll work with you to go through any kind of challenges. That's not something you want to do on your own because there's a lot of room for error—and you can't make errors when it comes to something that is so fundamental to your business.

Sandro Federico, MAIN MENUS®

The reason we decided to trademark was to protect our brand for future issues. We went with Trademark Factory® because of the fixed rate and no unexpected costs. We also like the fact that they have a money-back guarantee. Communication was great, we definitely recommend working with them.

Luke Aulin, RTOWN®

The guarantee was what helped take a leap. You are a new person in my life... When you're starting a new company, you're running around, you have a million things on your mind. So the guarantee is what tipped us over. My wife is a lawyer, and in the legal field nobody offers money-back guarantee. So today, I'm celebrating our trademark and that you've come through on your promises.

Maryam Sadeghi, MOLESCOPE®

It was a super excellent experience, very smooth workflow, everything was perfect. We are so thankful for helping us build a successful brand and a successful company!


I used Trademark Factory® to trademark my brand, COSMETIC ENERGY HEALING because I wanted to protect myself from the competition, as well as set myself out as a brand and strengthen my identity. I was referred to Trademark Factory® through a lawyer, and I've been very happy with the results. I picked them because of the flat fee and the money-back guarantee. I've had very good relationships with everyone in the firm, and I'm very happy that both of my trademarks have already come through.

Matt Astifan, WEB FRIENDLY®

Trademark Factory® is the only company that offers their triple guarantee. You can look around but there's really no other choice. It's the best place to get a trademark because you're actually guaranteed that if you pay for it, you're going to get a trademark. Other companies get you to pay to TRY to get your trademark, and if they fail, then you just lose all your money. Nobody out there is going to offer anything close to what Andrei is offering.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, THINK YOURSELF®

I've had such a great experience with Andrei, with Trademark Factory®! That's the way to go. If you're in business, you should trademark your name. That's your brand, that's who you are. You don't want anybody to go around and use your name in their business. I had shopped around—and Trademark Factory®'s offer is a no-brainer.


Getting our trademarks in the U.S. and Canada thanks to Trademark Factory® was easy: their staff is awesome, they did it online. They had a guarantee, but they just did the job right so we didn't need the guarantee.

Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth®

If you are building a business that you hope will be successful one day, protect its brand right away. Because taking ownership of your brand is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! Trademark Factory will take care of everything from start to finish for one fixed fee. And you will either get your brand trademarked—or you get a full refund. If you want your trademarks done right, check out Trademark Factory.

Paul Davidescu, TANGOO®

We went with Trademark Factory® for two reasons: for one flat fee they'd take care of things from start to finish, no matter what the back-and-forth is and how long it takes, and secondly, the pretty ballsy offer of giving us everything back as a refund if they don't absolutely nail it out of the park. Tangoo has evolved in unimaginable ways, and the one thing that didn't really change is the brand. And when I was on Dragons' Den, one of the Dragons said that that was the best name he's seen on the show. That's when I thought, we should really be trademarking it, because the brand is our biggest asset. It was a no-brainer for us.

Rosie Aiello, LOVE IS KIND®

No matter how many times I asked my questions, I got answers right away. It wasn't an easy process. In fact, I think it's a miracle that this got trademarked.


I really didn't want to pay for something and then all of a sudden it doesn't qualify. That would be my worst nightmare. There were no surprises. And because of their money-back guarantee, I highly recommend Trademark Factory®!

John Chow, JohnChow.Com®

Andrei Mincov of the Trademark Factory® helped me register my domain name JohnChow.Com as a trademark and did a masterful job. Because of Andrei, JohnChow.Com is now a trademark in the United States and soon to be registered in Canada. The process was extremely easy. He asked me a couple of questions, I told him, and he took care of the rest. I didn't have to do anything. Now I'm fully protected. Your name is one of your biggest assets. If you've been in business, you need to protect yourself. The cost of Trademark Factory®'s service is extremely reasonable, and if they have a money-back guarantee. So really, there was nothing for me to lose, and everything for me to gain. Definitely will do business again.

Silvia Martinelli, OTIMO®

I would like to thank Andrei and Trademark Factory®, because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have my brand Otimo, at all. From the beginning, I didn't know anything at all about trademarks, and they made it really easy for me. Took us a while. They had to fight other brands to get us in, but here we are! Simple process, flat fee, and it was guaranteed!

Dan Lok, DAN LOK®

As a mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs, I recommend that it's very important to trademark your name in advance. If you're ever going to spend any effort, time, money in promoting your brand and growing your business, you have to protect your brand Day 1. I've worked with law firms and lawyers, and unfortunately almost all of those experiences are not very good. Working with Andrei and Trademark Factory®—because of their set fee and a money-back guarantee—gave me so much more confidence and made me so much more comfortable doing business with them. I recommend all entrepreneurs to trademark their brands through Trademark Factory®.  Go through their free trademark search just to see if the trademark is even trademarkable. I'm sure you'll find it's a great team to work with.


We put a lot of thought into creating our brand, and in the end of the day all this work and effort is worth it, because now we have three registered trademarks, nobody could copy us and infringe on our name - all thanks to Mincov Law Corporation's Trademark Factory®. We are very excited!


We chose Trademark Factory® because of their guarantee. Their service was wonderful. They got us exactly what we needed.

Georgi Krastev, VOLTBIKE®

We manufacture electric bicycles and sell them online in Canada and the USA. I decided to secure my trademark because the market is very competitive in my business area. What I liked about Trademark Factory® is that they have a very nice online presence, so I found them very easily on Google. And also for me being in web development industry, that means a lot for me. They have a great process, a very nice payment option. I would recommend Trademark Factory® to anybody else who is looking for a trademark in Canada.

Matti Rikkinen, Robba Da Matti®

When I realized that I had a successful business going on, the first thing I want to do was protect the brand. Because at the end of the day, the brand is a manifestation of our reputation. When I was thinking of going out and getting it trademarked, it was very important to protect the business aspect of it. And that was the most important thing for me at first and Andrei really put that peace of mind with me. But as we went through the whole process, the ease in which we kind of maneuvers through the whole legal and bureaucratic labyrinth made the whole process enjoyable to go through. So, I just have to say thank you! I'm very proud of this moment and then we'll be ready to trademark our tagline next.


I decided to go with Trademark Factory® because paying a fixed amount and having the guarantee gave me the peace of mind. What I really liked about working with Trademark Factory® was that it was super easy. Once I got good vibes from Andrei and his team that my brand is trademarkable and that I have a good chance of getting this approved, they prepared all my application documents, I just needed to review it. I basically didn't really need to do anything, just sit and wait.

Terry Whin-Yates, MR. LOCKSMITH®

I didn't realize how simple and not as expensive as I thought it was. It's a flat rate—and now my brand is trademarked in both the U.S. and Canada!

Leo Redavid, REDAVID®

Andrei of Trademark Factory® did all the trademarks for Redavid Salon Products Ltd. I didn't have to worry about a thing, Andrei took care of it all. It was a one-time fee, and the results have been there all the time!

Craig Duswalt, ROCK YOUR LIFE®

I can't believe that a stupid little package with a framed trademark certificate just changed how I perceive how I want to do business. Before, it was just a name. But now I own it, and nobody can take it away. And there's something about it that just makes you try harder to make things happen.

Stéphane Deschênes, AEC DAILY®

Trademark Factory® offered a package that seemed reasonable and without risk. The process took significantly longer than expected because our Canadian trademark got contested. We reached a coexistence agreement and we didn't even have to pay an extra penny. So kudos to Trademark Factory® for sticking to the deal they offered.

Kelly Lee Myers, DJ LITHIUM®

When I began the process, directly going to the Canadian IP Office, everything seemed ok. However later it got really complicated quickly. I wasn't about to give up so I contacted Andrei Mincov, who immediately began working on my trademark claim dealing with both the Canadian IP Office and the company whose registered trademark was cited in the examiner's report. This was no small company either. We are talking about the largest company in the world of its kind. Andrei wasn't discouraged one bit. Things worked out and I have my trademark today, all because of Andrei Mincov.

Lucas Mattiello, LEVEL UP LIVING®

I used Trademark Factory® for two reasons. One, Andrei had a good reputation and two, the all-inclusive price. The last thing I wanted to do was get hit with the legal bill for thousands of dollars because there is some problem, and this gave me the certainty in a fixed price. I am happy with the Trademark Factory® and I recommend that you get your logo trademarked with them.

Sandra Yancey, EWOMEN NETWORK®

You work really hard bringing to the world your business, your marketing, and your brand. I can't emphasize enough how important it is for us as CEOs to protect all the work that we do. I've personally worked with Trademark Factory® and they've done an excellent job in protecting some of our intellectual capital.

Nick Crawford, MUDDY UNDIES®

Their timelines, communication were excellent, awesome, friendly people, great and informative to work with...

Andrew Davis, WEAPON®

For my company, the most important thing is to protect our branding. We were able to do that thanks to Trademark Factory®. Not only did we know exactly how much it was going to cost, they also offered us a 6-month payment plan, which made it possible for us to start right away. Almost right after we started the process, we had other people trying to use our brand, and because we started when we did, we were able to protect our brand properly. I highly recommend Trademark Factory®.

Dr. Chanda Siddo-Atwal, MOONDUST®

Usually, I am not very thrilled with lawyers because they can take a lot of money from you but not do anything for you. But what I just loved about Trademark Factory® is that they got their fee, they promised us something—and here we have our two Trademark Registration Certificates: one for Canada one for America. So I am very pleased about the whole thing.


Thanks to Andrei Mincov, I have 3 registered trademarks for Green Financial Online Inc. It was painless. Andrei kept me informed every step of the way. I couldn’t be happier. This is the start of my little Green Financial empire!


I finally achieved my dream. I'm really happy that I've accomplished this goal. I used Trademark Factory® to register my trademarks. This is the beginning of the journey, this is my own personal brand. I wouldn't have been able to do this without their help. It's the beginning of my new future.


I am so excited, over the moon, proud, pleased to tell you that I have my very first trademark that Trademark Factory® has helped me to get! Service was excellent, Trademark Factory® has done fabulous job for me and I cannot say enough about the service! So if you have an idea, go to Andrei, he will help you protect it!


We realized that our name, Living Blueprint, was crucially important to the strategy of our company and just the thought of losing it became terrifying. As a branding agency, we coach all of our clients to do this. We now know for a fact that we're protected. We don't have to worry about losing our name, about another coming in and claiming ownership over something that we've been building brand equity for a very long time. Andrei makes it very safe, being an all-inclusive, guaranteed rate. He's not going to come back with adjustments halfway through. It worked out great for us and I recommend this to any company.

Sonia F., N/A®

The call with the strategy advisor was extremely beneficial. I had all my questions answered. I felt supported throughout the call.


I started the process of trademarking on my own, then we got ourselves caught in a glitch. I then had a chance to talk to Andrei, his office stepped in, looked at it and helped me to get through the process, got me through the challenges, and before you know it'here you are! Got my name trademarked, really happy, big relief. Strongly recommend Andrei and his team!

Michael E. Gerber, Kevin O'Leary, Shawne Merriman, Lisa Sasevich, Dee Snider, Daymond John, Sandra Yancey, Dan Lok, Michael Starr, CHECK IT OUT®

Here's what Michael E. Gerber, Kevin O'Leary, Shawne Merriman, Lisa Sasevich, Dee Snider, Daymond John, Sandra Yancey, Dan Lok, Michael Starr have to say about trademarks and Trademark Factory®