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Selected Books and Articles
The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Intellectual Property: When to See an IP Lawyer and Ask Educated Questions about Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets, Industrial Designs, Contracts, and Other Ways of Protecting Your Ideas and Covering Your Assets®

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From Faceless To Legendary: The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Intellectual Property for Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, and Consultants

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From Faceless To Legendary: The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Intellectual Property for Bars, Cafes, and Restaurants

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Selected Interviews and Presentations
Full list of selected interviews and presentations

Expertise / Speaking Points
  • Trademarks
  • Intellectual Property
  • Entrepreneurship and Freedom

Andrei Mincov’s Story

Andrei Mincov became an intellectual property lawyer when his father, a well-known Russian composer, caught a radio station stealing his music to advertise Samsung. With no court experience, no knowledge of copyright, and no Google to consult, Andrei could not refuse his father’s request for help. After taking this very first case from the bottom court all the way up to one level short of Supreme Court of Russia, he won!

At the pinnacle of Mincov’s Russian legal career, with his PhD in Law, he was recognized at Top 5 IP lawyer in Russia. Andrei was then employed by the largest international law firm in the world, and was helping many multi-billion-dollar clients protect their intellectual property. Among them Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Dreamworks, J.K. Rowling, Ford, and many others.

However, that wasn’t good enough for him. Andrei felt he was becoming the type of lawyer he’s always despised: so knowledgeable in their field they think they are smarter than their clients. He wanted to go way out of his comfort zone and expand his horizons. He wanted to be in a place that respects freedom and entrepreneurship. So 13 years ago, Andrei chose to start everything from scratch and moved to Canada.

Mincov's legal career in Canada evolved from going back to law school, getting licensed as a Canadian lawyer, starting his own law firm, founding Trademark Factory® and, eventually, having to sacrifice his lawyer license to be able to deliver guaranteed flat-fee trademarking services to clients worldwide, which he wasn’t allowed to do as long as he held on to his Canadian lawyer license.

A bestselling author of 5 books, an international speaker, and a visionary, Andrei is passionate about helping entrepreneurs Protect their ideas and cover their assets®.

Andrei Mincov has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Lisa Sasevich, Raymond Aaron, Jack Canfield, Mike Koenigs, Kevin Harrington, Sam Crowley, Craig Duswalt, and many others. He has given countless interviews and delivered numerous seminars, webinars, and presentations about intellectual property — to audiences of all sizes, ages, and industries.

Trademark Factory®s Story

Trademark Factory is a startup that re-envisions trademarking from the perspective of entrepreneurs looking for a predictable, guaranteed way of protecting their valued brands.

50,000 trademark applications are filed in Canada every year and almost 500,000 trademark are annually filed in the U.S. Even more trademark applications never get filed because many business owners don’t want to get involved in what used to be a tedious and unpredictably expensive process.

There used to be only three options for business owners when it came to trademarking.

You could file trademarks yourself, which almost invariably leads to self-represented applicants receiving a letter (called “office action”) from the Trademarks Office listing reasons why a trademark application does not meet their standards. Most people have no idea how to respond to these and abandon their trademark applications at this stage.

Another option was to use a typical law firm. The problem with this option is that law firms live and die by billable hours. The more problems your applications encounters, the happier they are. They’ll send you their two-page schedule of fees with prices for every little step of the process. This way, you won’t know your budget until the whole process is over, which usually takes fourteen to eighteen months. And when you pay all of their invoices for all the steps they have taken, there is still no guarantee that your trademarks will be registered. You are buying their time, not the result.

The third option was to use online trademark filing websites. They have automated the filing process to make it easier for business owners to file trademark applications. They will help you file trademark applications for next to nothing, but all you’re getting is software that makes it simpler for you to figure out how to fill out the forms. But guess what? If something goes wrong, and it happens more often than not, they will send you to one of their affiliated law firms, and those lawyers will charge you an arm and a leg to fix the application they’ve just filed for you.

Andrei Mincov, a former intellectual property lawyer with over 20 years of experience, knew there HAD to be a better way…

Meet Trademark Factory®, the only firm in the world that offers trademarking services with a predictable, guaranteed result for a predictable, guaranteed budget. Our licensed lawyers and trademark agents help brand owners from around the world register trademarks for a single all-inclusive flat fee with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Trademark Factory® offers a unique combination of convenience through web automation, complete predictability of the budget, and professional start-to-finish do-it-for-you service only offered by full-scope intellectual property law firms.

Currently, Trademark Factory® files trademarks in the U.S., Canada, European Union, and Australia.

The whole process starts with brand owners filling out the form at to request their free, no obligation, trademark search and registrability opinion. It’s not a barely useful automated search of identical matches offered by other online trademarking websites. It’s a real, personalized research conducted by trademark professionals, followed up by a 45-minute phone call with a specialist.

During the call, Trademark Factory® will explain the meaning of their findings in plain English and offer one of their packages that help brand owners all the way from drafting their trademark applications to sending framed trademark registration certificates. Most business owners don’t know all steps that the trademark application will go through, and instead of overwhelming clients with misleading schedules of fees, Trademark Factory® came up with three packages that make trademarking simple.

The most popular package is All-Inclusive. It covers everything from start to finish with a money-back guarantee that depends on the result of the free trademark search. Most trademarks get filed with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Trademark Factory®'s founder, Andrei Mincov, explains his decision to offer money-back guarantee, “If I tell you that your trademarks are registrable, if you give me your business because I told you your trademarks are registrable, if I take your money, and I can’t get your trademarks approved by the Trademarks Office, it’s immoral for me to keep your money. However revolutionary, this approach sounds self-evident to me. So I’m amazed that we’re the only firm in the world that gets it!”

Trademark Factory®’s stated mission is to forever change the way the world does trademarks. No more hourly rates, no more invoices for reporting trivial updates or docketing office actions. No more paying for time. For business owners, this is all binary—either their trademarks get registered or they don't.

With more and more raving fans who have gone through his process, Mincov firmly believes that success of his startup will make guaranteed flat-fee trademarking evolve from anomaly to mainstream.

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