Bi-Weekly Newsletter

August 29, 2017

Dreams Worth Dreaming Are Dreams Worth Fighting For...

A few minutes ago I finished mixing my new song, "Dreams"

It's something very personal.

We all have dreams.

But most importantly, we all have dreams we used to have and have given up for one reason or another.

The saddest thing is that giving up on a dream doesn't get the dream out of your heart or out of your head.

It's still there. Lurking around as a reproach, as a stinging reminder...

But you know what's most painful?

When one day, you realize that the dream was yours to have, that it was much closer than you scared yourself to believe.

Sometimes, that realization comes too late.

I wrote both the music and the lyrics for the song. I recorded vocals, drums, and the piano. I had my Bandhub mates to help me out: Gregor Hartmaier (@GregOnBass) on bass, @Adrian_Hunter on guitars, and Chad Hinton (@Thembones0320) on solo guitar.

Watch the lyric video I created for the song here: http://TMF.Rocks/dreams