Bi-Weekly Newsletter

October 30, 2017

Our Best Month Ever!

October 2017 marks a very important milestone for Trademark Factory®: it was our first 6-figure month.

It brings me back to when I was just starting out.

At that point, it was a one-man show, with no money left in the bank and no clients.

After I attended a dozen seminars about building a business and read Michael Gerber's "E-Myth," I realized I had a business to build, not just legal wisdom to sell in 6-minute increments.

That led me to setting a goal that I knew I couldn't accomplish on my own, by selling my own time through "billable hours."

That goal was $50,000 a month. It looked out-of-this-world unreal!

Back then, I didn't have the courage to charge $500 an hour (as I do now) and I didn't believe I could attract enough clients to generate 200 billable hours a month! At that time, a $10,000 month seemed like a dream!

The goal I set in front of me made me think of people whose help I'd hire and of systems I'd build to grow this business beyond just me being an intellectual property lawyer.

It is what allowed me to come up with the idea of Trademark Factory®.

Yes, we're still a relatively small business.

We've still got a lot of growth ahead of us.

But today, we're celebrating!