FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I Add More Products and Services to My Trademark Application After It Has Been Filed?

A huge part of any trademark application is the list of products or services that the applicant wishes to trademark.

But what if you realize or decide afterward that you want to add something new to your trademark application? Is that allowed?

Watch this video to find out.


Can I Add More Products and Services to My Trademark Application After It Has Been Filed?

Sometimes a person or company will file a trademark and realize they left something off their application that should have been included. Maybe it’s an additional product or service, or something they think might be a viable trademark in the near future.

When this happens, they may wonder if they are allowed to add these missing items to their trademark application after filing. The answer, unfortunately, is no.

What Changes Can You Make After Filing a Trademark Application?

You cannot add new items to your trademark application, but there are some trademark application changes you can make. You can narrow down the list, you can take stuff out, and you can clarify information that’s already on the application.

The goal of doing so is usually to make sure that the trademark examiner understands specifically what it is that you are trying to get your trademarks registered for. You might even get asked to narrow some of the items on your application down if they are too broad.

But you can't add more things to your application if you fail to include them the first time around. If you want to trademark new things, you will need to file a new trademark application later.

Be Thorough When Considering What to Include on Your Trademark Application

So you should be very careful when you draft your trademark application to make sure that everything that you are currently using your trademark for or are genuinely planning to start using it for in the foreseeable future has been listed in that trademark application. 

An important step in filing a trademark application that often gets overlooked is thinking ahead to potential future trademarks. Try to envision all the possible products or services that might be realistic options for you that are worth protecting.

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