FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I Add More Products and Services to My Trademark Application After It Has Been Filed?

One of the elements of a trademark application is a list of products (goods) and services that your trademark is supposed to cover.

Often, you realize that you should add more products or services to an existing trademark application.

Watch this video and find out if it's something you can or cannot do.



The answer is no.

You can narrow down the list, you can take stuff out, you can specify what you already have there to make sure that the trademark examiner understands specifically what it is that you are trying to get your trademarks registered for.

But you can't add more.

So you should be very careful when you draft your trademark application to make sure that everything that you are currently using your trademark for or are genuinely planning to start using it for in the foreseeable future has been listed in that trademark application.

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