FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why Do Celebrities Trademark Their Catchphrases?

Almost every day, we hear about a celebrity filing a trademark for a catchphrase they favor. Not like Michael Buffer's "Let's Get Ready to Rumble!" but more like Lebron James' "Nothing is given, everything is earned."

It's when someone repeats a phrase over and over until they realize, "Hey, I'm actually saying this all the time, and it's something people associate with me."

This expression is not a big thing like an actual tagline or the name of a product or service you sell. It's merely something that you frequently say. Yet, more and more, we are seeing celebrities employ this strategy and trademark their catchphrases.


So, Why Do They Do It?

There are two reasons that people choose this trademarking strategy.

First, many believe they can create numerous methods to monetize that catchphrase. Perhaps they plan to sell merchandise like T-shirts, hugs, or something else. They may offer services under that catchphrase.

Whatever their motivation, they are intent on finding a way to make money using that slogan.

Secondly, and likely more significant than the first reason, is celebrities don't want someone else monetizing their signature phrase. Nobody wants to see their catchphrases hijacked by parasites who only try to make money by ripping off someone else's intellectual property.

That is why celebrities trademark their catchphrases. To prevent bad actors from stealing their IP before their refrain becomes a big thing.

A Lesson for Everyone

The reasons that celebrities trademark their catchphrases are essentially the same as yours and every other entrepreneur's.

You want to monetize your brand and ensure that that brand generates new clients, new customers, and goodwill.

You also must protect against infringement, that nobody is ripping you off by selling their goods or services under your brand or one confusingly similar to yours.


Celebrities and brand owners both pursue trademark registration for the same reasons, to protect their intellectual property, goodwill, and potential income. And while celebrity catchphrases are not the same as taglines and other more conventional trademarking concepts, they may still hold value worth protecting.

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