Have you ever received an email from a Chinese domain name registrar suggesting that someone is trying to register your brand as a .CN domain name?

Watch this video and find out more about this scam.


NARRATOR: Catherine runs a bakery, BEST BAGEL EVER.COM

NARRATOR: Catherine receives an email.

MALE VOICE [WITH CHINESE ACCENT]: This email is from the China domain name registration center, which mainly deals with domain name registration in China and Asia. We received an application from Xiu Yong Dong on February 30, 2014. They want to register BESTBAGELEVER as their internet keyword and China/Asia/Hongkong (CN/ASIA/HK) domain names. But after checking it, we find this name conflicts with your company. In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you an email and confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China or not?

CATHERINE: What the hell is that?

TRADEMARK FACTORY: Hello, Trademark Factory here

CATHERINE: I just got this weird email from someone in China about my trademark...

TRADEMARK FACTORY: It tells you that someone wants to register it as a domain name?

CATHERINE: Yes, how did you know?

TRADEMARK FACTORY: And it asks you if you authorized it?

CATHERINE: Yes, exactly!

TRADEMARK FACTORY: Did they suggest you should register the domain name yourself?

CATHERINE: Not really. Not yet, at least... So what should I do?

TRADEMARK FACTORY: Ignore it! The same way you ignore spam about buying replica watches, receiving an inheritance from a Nigerian prince, or enlarging your manhood.

CATHERINE (surprised): My what?

TRADEMARK FACTORY: Never mind. All they are trying to do is sell you an Asian domain name. I suppose you don't need a .CN domain name. Otherwise, you would have already registered one in the first place.

CATHERINE: Of course, I don't sell my bagels to China

TRADEMARK FACTORY: Don't feel obligated to reciprocate a good act of a stranger: no one is trying to register your trademark as a Chinese domain name. In reality, someone is simply trying to sell you something you don't need by creating artificial urgency and scarcity that simply isn't there.

CATHERINE: I almost bought into this!

TRADEMARK FACTORY: So again, the correct way to respond to such emails is by pressing a delete button.

CATHERINE: thought it would help me protect my brand!

TRADEMARK FACTORY: Your brand is your valuable asset. Registering your trademarks is a much better way to protect your intellectual property compared to buying up useless domain names.

CATHERINE: Thank you!


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