FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 5 Tips to Start Your Trademark Registration Process

Here are 5 important tips for starting your trademark registration process. Let’s get started!


Tips for Your Trademark Registration Process

Tip #1

Tip number one, get it done. Unless you're building your business hoping to fail miserably in the next year or two, there's really no situation in which not having your brand trademarked is better than having your brand trademarked. Every single time, having your brand protected beats a situation when you don't. Just as simple as that.

Tip #2

Quick tip number two, get it done early. If you look at the most successful brands out there, you will notice that they trademark their brands long before they became big and successful because they knew that if they were to become big and successful, the brand will become their most valuable asset, and they treated their brands as something that's truly valuable and they wanted to make sure that by the time they become big and successful, they own it. Right? The way I always say it is that, by the time you become big and successful, someone will trademark your brand. Why not you? So, trademark your brand early. And by the way, we've got a bunch of videos on this channel, a bunch of stories.

Quick Examples of Successful Trademarks

You can see how Casamigos Tequila trademarked their brand the first thing they did, now they sold their brand for a billion dollars. Bird, the rental scooter company that got to $1 billion valuations faster than any other company out there, trademarked their brand 13 days after the company was started. You can look at Uber—which filed their first trademark application several months before the launch. Facebook, Google, all of them, all of them file their first trademark applications really, really early in the game. There's a lesson there. Okay?

Tip #3

Quick tip number three. Get it done by someone who knows what they're doing. Yes. Trademarking is not rocket science, but there are a lot of ways someone could mess this up. There are a lot of ways you can file it indirectly, and sometimes you can file it so incorrectly that there's no way to fix it after. And I mean, look, if you're smart enough to build a business, you're probably smart enough to figure out how to file your trademark application. There are a lot of great textbooks out there. If you spend enough time, you'll do it right. But is this the best use of your time as the business owner? As an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to file your trademark application? Probably not. Your time is best spent figuring out how to make your business successful, and trademarking is just one of those things you shouldn't be doing on your own. And really, the other thing to consider is that all the money you can save by not getting a law firm or a trademarking company helps you with the trademarking process.

Quick Things to Keep in Mind: Timing to Register Trademark

Compare that to the value of the time you will lose in case you file your trademarks correctly, but I'm not just talking about the time you're going to spend learning how to do it right. Maybe you don't value your time very much, but here's the problem. When you file your trademark, it's a long process, right? It's going to take months and months and months before you realize whether your trademark application goes through or not. And what if the answer is no?

What if you spend a year before you find out that, oops, that trademark you filed will never be registered. And maybe during that year, somebody else filed his trademark application for the same brand. And they get it. So all this time, you've wasted all this time, not just on the trademarking process, but on marketing, the brand, on promoting your brand. All of that has gone. What's the value of that? So compare that to what you're going to pay to get it done right the first time around. These are just incomparable values. So get it down by someone who knows what they're doing.

Tip #4

Quick tip number four. Before you get it done, make sure you've conducted a proper comprehensive trademark search to see what's out there. You want to make sure that the brand you're going for, you can own. Because what happens with most cases, you just file it. But you may do a quick Google search. You may do a quick search with the free trademark database, and if you don't see your own brand there, you're like, great, we can have it. Not so fast because a proper search requires more than just the search of identical names that you can find in the trademark database. You have to do a search that goes through synonyms. You have to go through the search of sound-alikes, lookalikes, mean alike trademarks and components, different elements. You have to do a proper search, and most likely you're not equipped to do it on your own. So again, similarly to tip number three, get that search done by someone who knows what they're doing. That's going to save you a lot of money, time, and tears in the future.

Tip #5

And finally, quick tip number five. If you do this search and you realize that you've got a brand that you cannot own, that you cannot trademark, get rid of it. I understand that it's going to hurt. I understand that when you came up with a brand that was a reason you did it. Pick that name or some other name, but if you can't own it, get rid of it. Unless you can, figure out a way to maybe convince the other trademark owner to sell it to you or agree that you co-exist or unless you figure out a way to own it anyway.

Find a new brand. In the long run, it doesn't matter what your brand is as long as you own it, because if you build a successful business and you own the brand, the brand will become valuable. It's not about finding the cutest name out there or the cutest logo. It's about building value over time, right? It's not about picking a great name or picking your great brand. It's about picking a unique brand that will become great over time. That's how it works. So as painful as it could be, make sure that you pick a name you can own over a name that you just like but you cannot own. That's the quick tip number five.

Bonus Tip!

And the BONUS tip. If you're building a business that you're hoping will be successful one day, if you got a brand that you think would be a valuable asset to your business, go to TRADEMARKFACTORY.COM. Check us out. The way we do trademarks is different from any other firm out there. Any law firm, any trademarking company, anybody. Nobody does trademarking the way we do it.

The Trademark Factory Process

How we do it is this: We have one flat fee that covers everything from start to finish, including the comprehensive surge dev we're going to start with. Once you become a member of the Trademark Factory family by becoming our client, the first thing we do, we're going to check to see if you pick the brand that you can own. If yes, great, we'll move forward with all the steps that are necessary to get your brand trademarked. If not, you can get a full refund or you can keep working with us until you pick a name that we tell you is trademarkable that you love. Right?

It’s One Flat Fee! That’s it!

And then, as I said, it's one flat fee that covers everything from start to finish. No surprises, no hidden charges, no RU rates, not on that bullshit. We get it done and you know the budget upfront. And finally, we get a 100% money-back guarantee in case we tell you your brand is going to go through, but it doesn't. If for whatever reason, your brand is not approved by the government. We don't deserve to keep your money.

Contact our Trademark Factory Team Today!

You're gonna get all your money back and trust me, we're not in the business of refunds. We're in the business of getting your trademarks registered. So go to TRADEMARKFACTORY.COM, book your free call with a strategy advisor. They will be able to go through your trademarking strategy, discuss your business, figure out why you've got the brand, what you're trying to build, and how trademarking will help you own it.

As I said, it's a free call. There's no risk. And, if we're the right fit, we'll be happy to welcome you to the trademark factory family. And if you're in an outfit, that's fine too.


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