Asian Domain Name Scam

Received a letter from a Chinese domain name registrar that someone is trying to register your trademark as an Asian domain name?

You're not the first. And you won't be the last.

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I am not trying to be racist here. It just so happens that we’ve all gotten those emails saying, Oh, somebody in China, or somebody in Taiwan, or somewhere else, is trying to get this trademark .CN or .TW or . something whatever. And they actually refer to it as an Asian domain name. So they’re saying that somebody else’s is trying to file a trademark there and they are just so helpful that they want to reach all to you and ask if you would approve of that registration because you are the owner of this valuable brand.

And guess what, that’s a scam. Nobody is trying to get a trademark there. All that they want to do is sell you the domain name nobody knows.

So, if you do business in China, if China is an important market for you, for sure, get the .CN, get whatever domain name that you want. But if you never bothered to get a domain name in that national registry, just because somebody sends you an email that somebody’s allegedly trying to register a domain name that incorporates your brand—ignore it!

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