FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Can I Change the Trademark Itself After My Trademark Application has been Filed?

So you've filed your trademark application, and then you get this brilliant idea how to make that trademark a bit better.

If it's a logo, you decide that instead of the text being below the icon, you'd like the text to the right of the icon.

Or you decide that you want to replace one word in your tagline with a synonym.

Question we often get is: can you change your trademark after your trademark application has been filed.

Watch this short video and find out:



And the answer is no.

There are a lot of things that you can change in your trademark application, but the trademark itself is not one of them.

The only exception is when you have a really minor typo or something really insignificant, for example, a missing period in the end of the slogan.

But the general rule is, after you file your trademark, you can't alter the trademark itself.


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