FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Does My Trademark Need to Match My Company Name?

One of the questions asked in the process of trademark registration is whether your trademark should match your company name.

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The answer is no.

Those two things are completely separate. You can file your trademark in your personal name or you can file your trademark in your corporate name. The corporate name doesn't have to match the trademark. One company can own and as many trademarks as it wants.

And the best example is Procter & Gamble. They own more trademarks than any other company in the world. So they are not creating a separate company for every new trademark they come up with. So you don't need to wait to register the company with the same name to file for the trademark. As soon as you come up with your brand and you know that your brand is worth trademarking—trademark it and then you can figure out how to call the company.

I'll just give you my personal example. Trademark Factory® initially was a trademark owned by my firm Mincov Law Corporation. But then, when I stopped being a lawyer, I renamed the company. Now it's Trademark Factory International Inc. The trademark stayed the same, the owner is the same, it's just a different name.

So it doesn't really matter.

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