FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How To Create A Great Brand Name (J.U.M.P Brands)

Your brand name is the first thing people will see when it comes to your business. We review how big names created theirs and how you can create a name to remember.


The Right Brand Name Can Garner Success

OK, so here are the 4 things your brand must be to be truly successful. As long as your brand has these 4 not-so-secret ingredients that I'm gonna share with you in a moment, you will have a powerful brand that will help you grow your business. And these 4 ingredients that make up a great brand are not what most people think they are. We refer to them as J.U.M.P. brands. And it's not just some cute acronym. It’s not just because I like the song Jump from Van Halen. 

This stuff checks out on every single successful brand there ever was or ever will be. If even one of these 4 components is missing, you're in trouble—no matter how much you spend on your marketing. If even one of these components is missing, it means your brand is not really working for you. Worse yet, it may be working for your competitors. Let me quickly unfold this for you and then I'm gonna show you some examples.

JUICY Brand Names

JUICY simply means that the brand means something to you. It gets YOU excited. It evokes an emotion in you and hopefully, that emotion is felt by your target market as well. To put it simply, nobody's gonna love your brand more than YOU love it. There is no better illustration for this than this photo of Jeff Bezos in 1999. Look at this pathetic office! The crappy desk with some old-ass monitor. I'm sure most of you watching this video have a better workplace than Jeff used to have 20 years ago. And, of course, the centerpiece, the handwritten sign that says AMAZON.COM is the most inspirational part of the story. Jeff could have had some graphs on the wall. A whiteboard with to-dos. All sorts of stuff.

He chose to place his BRAND there. To inspire him. If THAT is not juicy, I don’t know what is.

Alright, so that's J.

Unique Brand Names

Now, U stands for Unique. You can't succeed in business unless you stand out from the crowd of everyone else who does the same thing. Think of the armies of realtors, mortgage brokers, digital marketers, and life coaches you meet at networking events! Most of them say the same platitudes as everyone else. And guess what? Most of them are broke because they don't have anything that makes them different from other realtors, mortgage brokers, digital marketers, and life coaches. They don't stand out from the crowd. 

Let me tell you a secret. To stand out from the crowd, you don't need to be different. You need to be PERCEIVED as being different. Which is why sometimes having a brand that makes you different from everyone else is the only thing you need to stand from the crowd. Different is better than good. Unique is better than great. Unique... Beats... Great... Every time… There is NOTHING inherently great about the word "Apple" used as a brand name for a computer company. Steve Jobs could have gone with Orange or Tomato—and it would probably still become a brand worth over 300 billion dollars. 

It's just to Steve, "Apple" was juicier than any other brand. "Apple" was the brand that meant something to him, while orange and tomato not so much. And no, I didn't just randomly use 300 billion dollars. The APPLE brand. Not their phones, not their computers, not their stores, just the brand alone, is valued at 309 billion dollars today. So it's not about "great" names. It's about unique names that become great over time. It's their uniqueness that makes them so valuable.

Memorable Brand Names

OK, moving on to M in JUMP. M stands for MEMORABLE. And I don't mean memorable for you. I mean memorable for your target market. If nobody can remember your brand, it means they can't share it with their friends. If nobody can remember your brand, it's as good as not having one at all. Before Nike rebranded into Nike, they used to be called Blue Ribbon Sports. Not a very memorable name, is it? They made a whopping $8,000 in their first year. It's not a horrible name but it wasn't really working for them. Not very juicy. Not very unique. Not very memorable. It was a 'meh' brand. And they had 'meh' results. Until they became Nike. And then everything changed!

Protected Brand Names

Finally, the letter 'P' in JUMP stands for PROTECTED. There is no reason in the world to spend a minute of your life or a dollar out of your pocket building a brand you don't own. A brand that's not really yours. A brand you can't monetize. A brand you can't sell. A brand that someone can take away from you like this! And the only way to protect a brand is to trademark it. 

Registering an LLC or incorporating your company is not going to protect your brand. Registering a .COM is not going to protect your brand. Placing a TM next to your brand is not going to protect your brand. You can't protect your brand with copyright. You can't protect your brand by claiming that you came up with the idea first. You can't protect your brand by being in business for 10 years. The only way to actually own your Juicy, Unique, and Memorable brand is to register it as a trademark. And that’s what every successful business does really early on.

Taking a Page From Nike’s Playbook

So, we’ve gone through some examples here, and let me give you a little bit more. Nike became Nike in 1971. That was the year when they filed their first trademark for Nike and the Swoosh and they got them registered right away. Today, Nike is 47 billion dollars. Not the company, just the brand itself. Not the sneakers, not the shirts, just the brand. Remember, Apple filed their first trademark for Apple and the Apple logo pretty much as soon as they were started. Today, it’s worth 309 billion dollars. 

Now, remember the picture of Jeff Bezos in his crappy office. That picture was taken in 1999. Remember that sign on the wall. Remember what else he had in 1999. Two trademark registrations. One for and the other one for Books. He filed his first trademark in 1995. Four years before that picture was taken. If there is a lesson, that’s it!

What’s the Secret to Building a Successful Brand?

If you want to build a successful brand, your brand must JUMP! You must LOVE your juicy brand. This one we can't help you with. If the brand does not resonate with you, go back to the drawing board and come up with something that makes you go all-in with your business. Something that inspires you. If it doesn't, what will? 

Your brand must also be UNIQUE and MEMORABLE. How will you know if it's unique? Well, you need to see what's out there on the market, and you need to have someone conduct a thorough trademark search. You don't want to end up in a situation when someone already owns what you thought was your unique brand, right? If someone already owns it, it's kind of no longer unique to you, is it? And you need to PROTECT your brand through trademarking. 

How Can Trademark Factory Help?

Trademark Factory has helped thousands of brand owners build their successful brands, and we can help you too. Risk-free. Guaranteed. Anywhere. If you have a juicy brand and a business that you're passionate about, you've already done all of the heavy lifting. You've done the hard part. We can help you take care of the rest. 

All of our packages come with a comprehensive trademark search. This means that if the juicy brand you came up with for one reason or another is not very trademarkable, you can just get all your money back or you can do what most of our clients do in these situations: you can work with us until you pick a different brand you love that we tell you is trademarkable and we'll just go with that.

Additional trademark searches are not going to cost you an extra dime, and with our All-Inclusive package, what you pay us upfront is what you pay us, period. One flat fee, from start to finish. From filing to registration, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the Trademark Office issues a final refusal on your trademark application. Like I said: risk-free, guaranteed, anywhere. 

Want to Learn More?

If you want to register your trademark in the U.S., or in Canada, or in Australia, or in the European Union, or pretty much anywhere else on the planet, we can help. Simply book your free consultation call with our strategy advisors through our website at—and we'll take it from there. If you have a J.U.M.P. brand and need to apply for a trademark, Trademark Factory is always here to help. Speak with an advisor today to get started!


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