FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How To Trademark A Name And Logo For Your Small Business

If your small business is going to go anywhere, you need to trademark your name and logo. Trademark Factory’s Andrei Mincov explains how below, and a whole lot more.

If you’re serious about building your small business, it’s highly recommended that you trademark your name and logo. Today, I'll briefly cover why, what, when, where, and how you should trademark. 

Let's start with the why. 

I'm known for saying that there's no reason in the world to spend a minute of your life or a dollar out of your pocket building a brand you don't own. The only way to own and protect your brand is to trademark it. Nothing else works. 

That's why trademarks were invented, and why the cost to trademark a logo is what it is. If there was another way to protect your brand that would not have been a need for trademarks. 

Incorporations don't work. Copyright doesn't work. TM symbols don't work. Being first doesn't work. Therefore, you’ve got to take the steps to proactively secure what can become your most valuable asset and you can do that through trademarking.



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