FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS If I Register My Trademark, Does It Mean No One Can Use It?

It's important to understand what to expect from getting your trademark registered.

Does a registered trademark mean that no one else can use it?

Legally speaking, the short answer is yes, but there are four exceptions.

Can’t – Use – My – Trademark is the four words that each indicate one of these four exceptions.

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The answer:

“Can’t” means one thing, is it legal or not?

It should not be surprising that people act illegally. People may still attempt to use your trademark regardless of the law and your trademark protection.

However, you have legal recourse should someone infringe on your trademark rights.

“Use” has a specific meaning in the world of trademarks. In this context, use means offering your product or service under that brand to the public. Registering your trademark will not prevent anyone from identifying your brand or mentioning your name in various venues. As long as they do not sell your product or a similar product under your brand, there is no “use.”

Merely mentioning your brand in a news or social media post does not constitute use for trademark purposes.

“My,” our third word, indicates your ownership of the mark. Trademarks don’t give you a monopoly over words, images, or phrases. Your registered trademark controls the mental link between those elements and the specific products or services that employ your brand.

For example, if you come up with a brilliant name for your software company, trademark registration doesn’t prevent someone selling bananas from using the same name. 

They are not using your trademark because it only covers specific industries indicated in your application, not everything.

This brings us to our fourth and final word, “Trademark.”
Trademarks are national, meaning if you only have a Canadian brand, that trademark stops at the Canadian border.

Somebody using the same mark in France is not infringing on your trademark because it does not exist in France.


Your registered trademark won’t prevent bad actors from attempting to infringe on your rights, but it does make it easier to make your case in court and stop anyone from assailing your brand.

But, keep in mind the four exceptions, Can’t – Use – My – Trademark, and build your successful brand.

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