FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Trademark Factory I Feel Lucky package

Here's what Trademark Factory's I FEEL LUCKY package is all about:


As many of you know, we have 3 different trademarking do-it-for-you packages. They are All-inclusive, I Feel Lucky, and Ultimate. And we're doing a separate video for all of them.

This video is about our I Feel Lucky package.

If you saw the video about our All-Inclusive package, the All-Inclusive package is one flat-fee that covers everything from start to finish with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Our I Feel Lucky package is almost the same thing minus two things.

First of all, the I Feel Lucky package does not come with a guarantee. So with the All-Inclusive package, if your trademark application does not go through, if it gets rejected, then with the All-Inclusive package you're going to get a heartfelt apology and a refund. With I Feel Lucky, all you're getting back is an apology.

The other thing that I Feel Lucky does not have compared to All-Inclusive is that I Feel Lucky does not cover us responding to objections from the Trademarks Office. We're still going to do all that work: we're still going to argue with the trademark examiner if necessary, we are going to fix your trademark application to make sure that they are happy with it, or do the combination of the two. It's just that we are going to be charging you at an hourly rate to respond to those objections.

And in some cases it may end up being less total if you go with the I Feel Lucky package (that would be in the case when we spend less time on responding to those objections than the cost of our time is—and usually it buys you about 4-5 hours of our time per trademark). But there is also a risk that you will end up with the total being more with the I Feel Lucky package than what you would have paid with the All-Inclusive package.

It's just like fire insurance: you can't get fire insurance when your house is already on fire. Same way, you can't upgrade from I Feel Lucky to All-Inclusive after we hear back from the Trademarks Office that there is something they don't like about your application.

So that's why we called the package I Feel Lucky, right?

It is your risk, you decide if you want to save a little bit. I Feel Lucky is a great package. It covers everything except for responding to office actions. But you must be prepared to take a risk that if we get some complex objections, we will have to keep charging you more and more and more as we get that application through.


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