FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Trademark Factory's New & Improved I Feel Lucky Package

We have just made some massive improvements to our I Feel Lucky package.

Find out what they are:


We've recently made some changes to our package structure. The biggest change was around our I Feel Lucky package. So, what it is right now, it covers everything from start to finish for straightforward applications. If your trademark goes through without any concerns from the trademarks office, it's all covered: The filing, the drafting, the filing, the getting of your trademark registration certification. All of that will be covered. Now, if we get an office action, if we get some objections from the trademarks office, and that's what's new about our new and improved I Feel Lucky package, it covers up to 90 minutes of us responding to the first office action that we may receive from your trademarks office.

It's usually enough for something minor. So, if they have some follow-up questions about the company name or they need some refining of the goods and services that went into your trademark application, usually, 90 minutes is enough. It won't cover you for something more extensive, because there are situations when we're spending 50 or even 70 hours or so on back and forth with the trademarks office to make sure your trademarks go through. That's what our all-inclusive package is for. Unlike our all-inclusive and ultimate packages, the I Feel Lucky package does not come with a money-back guarantee. It only covers, as I mentioned, 90 minutes of responding to the first office action.

But if you're feeling lucky, if you think that your trademark application will be that straightforward application that will go through the trademarks office without any issues, that package may be for you.


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