FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What Are Two Biggest Branding Mistakes?

What are the two biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when seeking trademark approval, and why do some make them both?


The Perfect Problem

Mistake number one is agonizing in your search for that perfect brand. While a good brand is essential, even a fantastic brand will not create your business. It's up to you to develop that product or service millions of consumers want to buy.

Obscurity is the biggest challenge for small businesses; merely having a fantastic brand is insufficient. The focus must be on building something that people want.

Brand owners can also spend too much time and effort seeking the perfect logo to represent their brand. Months go by while they argue the merits of different designs and multiple designers, searching for the ideal logo rather than building their brand. No one will care about your logo if you don't have something to offer them.

There are three things critical to every successful brand. It must be memorable, part of a successful business, and well-protected. So long as your brand retains these characteristics, it is not necessary to be perfect.

To sell for your business, make money, and make your market happy, you need to offer something that consumers want. You won't get there if you only focus on that perfect logo. 

A Failure to Protect

Failing to protect their brand is the second big mistake brand owners can make. You may have a great brand in mind and are eager to build it. After launching your product or service and achieving success, you decide on further growth before trademarking your brand. 

Often, entrepreneurs make this choice without considering the potential consequences.

You want to see if the market loves your brand, waiting to make that first $100,000 and then $500,000. You wait and wait until someone else takes your brand, forcing you to begin all over.


Agonizing excessively over finding the perfect brand or designing the perfect logo are the two biggest branding mistakes entrepreneurs can make. They are two sides of the same coin; the lack of belief that you can build something of value.

Both of these mistakes are forms of procrastination. You keep busy looking like you are moving forward, but you are not.

A Word from My Mentor:

 You know what, everybody says that the biggest fear is the fear of failure. That's not true. The biggest fear is the fear of success. Because people who fear failure at least know what they're fearing. 

They've been there; they've lived there all their life. What they don't know is how success feels like. And they don't realize that success is not some luck. It's not a fluke. It's basically a logical result of the steps that you take to get you there. And a lot of people are afraid that they're not gonna get there.

Creating value for consumers is why we start a business, develop brands, and spend sleepless nights and crazy hours delivering something extraordinary.

If you start something, have an expectation of success, and protect what is so critical for that success, the brand.

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