FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What Is Conventional Priority?

If you plan on registering your trademark in multiple countries, you want to understand how Conventional Priority works and what it can do for you.

Conventional Priority allows you to file a trademark in one country and provides a six-month timeframe, where you can file the same mark in other jurisdictions ahead of anyone else.


How It Works

Let’s say that you are in the US filing your US trademark on January 5 and not filing in any other country. Then, suppose Mean Company Inc. files for the same trademark in Canada the following April. 

They are first in line in Canada because you have no filing in Canada. The Canadian trademark office doesn’t know about you. They don’t care about you or your trademark; they only care about the filing they have.

Subsequently, let’s assume you file your Canadian trademark on May 31, making you second in line. However, your application will indicate your US filing of January 5.

The Canadian Trademarks Office will review the two applications and determine that the Mean Company trademark filing is not the first in line but the second. This determination is called Conventional Priority.

The Authority

The six-month grace period, Conventional Priority, is part of the Paris Convention, International Trademark Treaty, with participation from most countries, including Canada and the US.


This international agreement provides six months to test and grow your business, gain some traction, and a bit more cash flow. Use this grace period to prepare for additional trademark filings in other jurisdictions to grow and protect your brand.

Or, you can file in all the countries you wish from the beginning if you have confidence in the strength of your brand. Either way, Conventional Priority will put you at the front of the line in other jurisdictions for the initial six months.

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