FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What Should I Know About Trademarking Slogans and Taglines?

What are the specifics for trademarking slogans and taglines?

Are there any restrictions on trademarking them?

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Different industries focus on trademarking different things. Some file more trademarks for product names, some file more trademark applications for service names, some file more applications for logos. So what I found is that service industries, especially those that are extremely competitive and that is populated with big players, for example, real estate agents or mortgage brokers, they all act under the umbrella of a big brand that they don't control, that they don't own, but then there are teams and individuals who come up with ways to compete with players under their own brand. So different teams of realtors or different individuals within those teams sometimes they come up with a catchy phrase that they use to explain to their market and have the market remember, how they are different from everyone else. So these taglines are extremely valuable because if they are memorable if they are powerful if they compel the potential market to buy from you, that's what you want to protect.

How do you trademark them? Same as everything else. You check to see if they are available and that they can be trademarked. And if nobody has taken that phrase or something too similar to that, you file a trademark application for it, and the application will have the tagline as the trademark itself, and you'll list the products and services that the tagline should cover.

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