Remember, your brand is the symbol of your entire business.

If you don't value your brand, you don't value your business.

If you don't think your brand is worth trademarking for $3k, it's not worth trademarking, period.

Watch the video below to know your brand's worth:



In this short video, I'll cover what your brand is worth. It absolutely baffles me when I see a lot of business owners who are having a really hard time investing three, five, or sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to securely protect their brand from being stolen by their competitors or hijacked by squatters. And what they don't realize is that that's exactly the value they're putting on their entire business because the brand is the symbol of that business.

Yet these same people don't have a problem spending thousands and thousands of dollars buying new phones, TVs, and other doodads and so the message they're sending to the world is that their new phone is more important and is more valuable than their brand. Well, I gotta tell you something, if you don't think your brand is worth trademarking for $3,000, your brand is not worth trademarking.

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